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Close your eyes tight, use both hands to cover your ears, turn your head repeatedly left and right and repeat after me, "Macs cannot get viruses or malware or whatever bad things that are out there." There, there. Feel better now?
Hire more people. Don't need an MBA to figure this out. Duh! With Apple's global market share, it should not be difficult to find people who are already somewhat familiar with Apple's products. Some training needed. Don't be cheap. Spend some of that $100 billion. Clearly unhappy workers make for bad customer experience.
There are plenty of poor households in the US. Scratch them out, they can't afford to buy anything, much less Apple products. Better bet is for Apple to push more devices into existing households.
in the next earnings release. If they fall significantly, then we will know that some of the costs in this chart are true. Especially so, if revenues are up x% but earnings don't keep pace.
Base landline rates up 50% in 4 years. Just got notice my DSL rate is up 25%. Time to cancel.
Don't think that will happen. If Apple does consider selling a lower price iPad, I think they should make up the margins lost by selling the new iPad 3 as the iPad HD Pro (retina display) at $599. However, Apple doesn't usually raise prices for newer products, so this ain't gonna happen.
What is KFC? Kentucky Fried Chicken? Kindle Fire C...? Huh?
Pay is only one factor in employment. Working conditions, hours worked, pleasant co-workers, facility amenities, breaks, etc etc are all factors to consider. They could be paid $250 a WEEK and still be burned out by the boring, repetitive work with few breaks and no opportunity to decompress. After up to 16 hours a day of working, they go to the barracks and sleep. People need to rest. People are not robots. I once spoke with a co-worker who used to work in...
Better hope that Verizon upgrades their network. A friend of mine has a 3g Verizon iPad. We were one mile north of Downtown LA and the signal was horribly slow. I hear Verizon 4G is pretty good. Better hope you have a good signal with 4g.
Its like a cult. Once you join one, you are not supposed to leave. That would be a baaaad move.
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