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As long as the beat goes on things will be good . iPhone 7 should help out next year
complicated learnimg curve. Doesn't always work needs an update
Waiting for the numbers on Monday.           last years number of iPhones sold was 10 million.
Not what I expected. Will take some time to adjust to Miss the 'song' tab on the bottom liost hundreds of ripped songs. So far not a big fan
APPLEWATCH has great potential as new features are added and the WatchOS is fine tuned. Buying the first version of any new product leaves you wanting more than what it's capable of doing. But I have a feeling Apple is going to beef up the operating system quickly Watch OS2 in September and I wouldn't be surprised to see an OS3 before the year is out
Does anyone really need AT%T ??? There's plenty of alternatives. If they eliminate 2 year contracts in Apple stores watch their marketshare drop.
38 models is a huge costly inventory to produce and store It sounds logical. As nobody can predict what's going to sell in a new category. Most likely iorders will be filled faster than planned if this is the case
By April 24 (even though the date has been removed from the website) we'll know the story. Apple has to say something to substantiate the wait or decrease the que time
Ming-Chi Kuo has excellent connections and his analytic ability is great as well. So believe what he says.
Munster has never had an accurate call yet. There's no substantiation for his prediction This is a new Category for Apple and there is no way to guess what customers will do Time will ttell but certainly not Munster
New Posts  All Forums: