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Does anyone really need AT%T ??? There's plenty of alternatives. If they eliminate 2 year contracts in Apple stores watch their marketshare drop.
38 models is a huge costly inventory to produce and store It sounds logical. As nobody can predict what's going to sell in a new category. Most likely iorders will be filled faster than planned if this is the case
By April 24 (even though the date has been removed from the website) we'll know the story. Apple has to say something to substantiate the wait or decrease the que time
Ming-Chi Kuo has excellent connections and his analytic ability is great as well. So believe what he says.
Munster has never had an accurate call yet. There's no substantiation for his prediction This is a new Category for Apple and there is no way to guess what customers will do Time will ttell but certainly not Munster
Tim Cook has truly taken on one of the hardest jobs in corporate America and succeeded. He has a dynamic team of jony Ives Phol Shiiller Etc and has sought out some of the best like Angela Arendts. Etc He has been confident dependable and truly showed his best with Steve Jobs. People are finally appreciating him for his leadership both in and out of the company
Apple Insider…… too little too late.  You guys had a winning formula, why did you ever change it. Doubt that the Readers lost will ever return!! Oh well, plenty other Apple related sites around.
MCX dead on arrival. Their only interest is saving the credit card fees associated with customers purchases Using an analogy of an IPhone rollout to an exclusive carrier stinks just like CurrentC!!!!
Unhappy????      Call Corporate VOICE YOUR OPINION!!!       401-765-1500
If Apple Pay lives up to what everyone expects than people may favor stores that use this secure and convenient method of payment. No store can afford to lose business because of using a payment method which is not secure . Look what happened to Targets business after their payment system was hacked, they lost millions of dollars of sales and profits. Watch how fast stores adapt after the launch.
New Posts  All Forums: