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Brian white. Making noise again. Yet no substance to his writings. Time for mr white to become an analyst not an anal-ist.
Lot of opportunities for Apple yet seems as though Apple is being overly cautious in it approach. Time is important Yet actually perfecting a product or upgrade is more important. Hopefully Apple starts to give the customer more choice with 2 sizes of IPhones. However the real differentiator be their IOS and ecosystem
Google is way out of line with respect to users privacy. They have never protected customer info and privacy. They make their money by providing info. Google stores to much info about its users. Android is another system which returns Google money through info.
As with TV's , most cellphones will all look similar or identical to the iPhone in the future. The big differentiating factor will be the interface and software which  the phones runs as well as the Ecosystem it has if any. Of couse there will always be some new features with each cell phone released but they will not be the differentiating factor.
Good luck to the UK chain that 'settled' on Browlett. He certainly wasn't Apple material.
Only the powers to be know the answer.  Will they attempt to please the flock or will they hold their staff firm and bold.  Only a few months to the answer.
Time for Apple to dazzle by giving the customers..... choice.
Apple should give the customer the option. Choice is king
Don't get excited doubtful we will ever see this patent incorporated in any IPhone
I think that more important than a 'larger Iphone' is the customers desire for choice.  While some prefer a smaller Iphone for their needs  and convenience, others want a larger Iphone for a better gaming device. Bottom Line............Let the customer choose.  It's time for Apple to realize that a strategy of 1 iphone a year is not enough. Customers would probably be willing to pay more for a high end iphone. In reading alot of these posts about  wanting a larger...
New Posts  All Forums: