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Going to be tough to bring the Blackberry name back after such a long wait. Especially when corporate and government seem to be flocking away from Blackberry.
Brian white sounds like he became an expert in corporate strategy While not all his ideas are bad, some just don't make sense.
If Gene Munster, agrees with the assertions being made, we are all better off betting against it. Munsters track record is so poor that it speaks for itself. Enough said!!
Just a wake up call for Apple that they do not need an 'S' model. Apple needs the iPhone 6 at their next launch.
Touch screen not really practical in desktops and All-in- one computers. Fuji Film may be good for other devices as long as accuracy and cost is practical
Apple spends the money innovating. Samsung spends money copying and working around existing patents.
If your not doing anything wrong you have nothing to fear. But make no mistake that by having a cellphone big brother might be watching. If need be your every move can and will be tracked.
No way to confirm. Still to early. 
Whats the sense of having patents if they don't prevent copying. Samsung is supossed to be a big on innovating so why are they copying???
Shame on Samsung. They seem to have become 'copiers' as opposed to using Innovation. But why should they innovate if the patent laws don't protect the creator.
New Posts  All Forums: