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3 guys to screw in a lightbulb???? Well that's Citi they'll OVER anal-ize ( no mistake in spelling) They'll UÑDER value and they'll get it wrong 3x over As they already are. Is this A Citi Manáge a twa????
Imacs will help boost sales. However post recession and hurricane effects will hurt sales this quarter but boost sales next quarter as people will have to replace  damaged Pc's Laptops etc.
While Apple is far from washed up....the best days of Apple are behind them For Apple to be down 150 points or 20% while the market isn't down more than 5%. And especially after such great product. Launches like the Iphone5 and IPad Mini only goes to prove that things are not the same. I hope I'm wrong as I think Apple makes some great products. However it seems that tiheres to much negativity hanging around Apple. Wall Street knows better than the fanboys or trolls...
ATT capping its business potential by restricting people from using FaceTime. The data is the account holders to use in any manner they see fit. If the account holder with unlimited data goes over the 5GB limit he will be throttled Why limit the account holder as to how they can use their data.
Passbook needs to get more companies on board to be a win-win. Many people would like to see drugstore chains like CVS, Riteaid etc added. Dunlin Donuts would be nice too, they already have an App but not in  Passbook.
Don;t be fooled, Apple is paying a cheaper price for its parts than ifixit or regular wholesale price suggest. Volume=Discount!
Browlett was just a passing fiqure to fill Ron Johnsons place. Looks as though Apple had no real intent on keeping him
Use at your own risk!!  Be assured Apple will not replace or repair any IPHONE5 that has been damaged do to using an unauthorized cable.  Not worth saving $20 and risking a $700 iphone.
Being hard to assemble by Foxconn and even harder to use without scratching shows that the choice of this type of aluminum for a cellphone is not exactly the best. While this Aluminum case achieves thinner and lighter dimensions it also does not live up to the durability and quality many customers expect and need. While I think the Iphone5 is truly great, I hate to see what the case will look like after a year of use.
Commercial is too short (30 seconds)  to focus on features. Color animation is the catch to get the people to investigate what the features are.
New Posts  All Forums: