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Does it really matter ??? Expectations and reality are two different things. No tech company has ever been at the top of its game forever. And WallStreet will always find something that they think has more probability of having a $$$$ reward
Get rid of the bezels!!!! At least on the side of the phone. This will improve on size and looks
Higher priced iphone only means that more people will hold on to their iphones longer Remember the average person isn't doesn't have to have the latest devices. Only way Apple pulls off the increase is if there's a big enough change in the iphone6 besides the screen.
Have 2 get rid of those bezels. 10-20% reduction is meaningless and is still not going to give the look everyone wants b
Very simply with 200 million units sold its way bigger than any tablets running Android that people currently own I've read shorter books than this authors story
Oculus needs to be integrated by a hi tech company not a Social media company. Oculus is in early stages and with a high tech firm behind it it could really move. Is Facebook which is a social media company high tech enough to handle this??? The answer is no and Oculus will falter not that the creators care they got their money
First of many. At this point in time if you need it then you have no choice but better and Cheaper monitors will be out soon for those that can wait. $3600 is nothing special
Rumor. Rumor. No substantiation. No knowledge of Apples plans
Tech support has said that this Software fix is coming 4 a while now. Makes sense that it will be incorporated into 7.1 most likely this will improve the accuracy rate
Samsung without Apple to copy is like a fish without water. Nothing spectacular about this new Galaxy phone. What happened to the 64 bit architecture that Samsung said they were copying from Apple. Just another piece of garbage from Samsung.
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