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Where is Simon Cowel working next week??? LOL
Another change by Apple  with the end result being no direct human support. All support will be done via Forum or Chat
Security or Keyboard. Not really a hard choice I might want the keyboard but I'm not selling my soul to get it.
Predictions end up wrong but not totally wrong. And hopefully when Apple releases it's hardware later in the year we'll see more favorable surprises
Well all I can say that is if Cook, Ives, and Cue are making this statement there must be something to it.
Beats, smeats. Until Apple states their intent for this acquisition (if its true) theres no Logic to this deal.
Probably take years before we see this in a smaetphone not 6-12 months
This is at least 4 years away. As the IPhone 6 will not contain these features. Reisticly it's probably more like 6 years years away as Apple first has to eliminate the bezels
Anal-ists. Not Analysts
I watch is not in the near future Apple apparently not ready and in no hurry All these new hires indicate that there will be an I watch but just not yet. Perhaps Apple is llooking into mobile payments operating from an I watch.
New Posts  All Forums: