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Beats, smeats. Until Apple states their intent for this acquisition (if its true) theres no Logic to this deal.
Probably take years before we see this in a smaetphone not 6-12 months
This is at least 4 years away. As the IPhone 6 will not contain these features. Reisticly it's probably more like 6 years years away as Apple first has to eliminate the bezels
Anal-ists. Not Analysts
I watch is not in the near future Apple apparently not ready and in no hurry All these new hires indicate that there will be an I watch but just not yet. Perhaps Apple is llooking into mobile payments operating from an I watch.
Apple has raised its dividend , increased the stock buyback, and split the stock all in hope of rewarding investors for their patient wait and Apples dwindling stock price in a Bull market. Hppefully Apple has products in the pipeline that will be released soon. As for Apple beating the Anal-ists estimates. It just goes to prove that they really don't know much about Apple
Does it really matter ??? Expectations and reality are two different things. No tech company has ever been at the top of its game forever. And WallStreet will always find something that they think has more probability of having a $$$$ reward
Get rid of the bezels!!!! At least on the side of the phone. This will improve on size and looks
Higher priced iphone only means that more people will hold on to their iphones longer Remember the average person isn't doesn't have to have the latest devices. Only way Apple pulls off the increase is if there's a big enough change in the iphone6 besides the screen.
Have 2 get rid of those bezels. 10-20% reduction is meaningless and is still not going to give the look everyone wants b
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