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Tech support has said that this Software fix is coming 4 a while now. Makes sense that it will be incorporated into 7.1 most likely this will improve the accuracy rate
Samsung without Apple to copy is like a fish without water. Nothing spectacular about this new Galaxy phone. What happened to the 64 bit architecture that Samsung said they were copying from Apple. Just another piece of garbage from Samsung.
Icahn looking out for his pocket more than Apples well being. Hopefully the shareholders will realize that Icahns views will only benefit Apple in the short term. Tim Cook is a smart guy if he didn't have some good things in the pipeline he himself would do what's neccessay
Its a given that touchID will be used for purchases at some point and its probably not that far off. The 5S is a test to discover any flaws or improvements necessary with touchID before it goes mainstream.
Just another Samsung attempt to copy Apple 565 PPI. Seems like overkill.and won't stop Samsungs screens from having that neon effect. If you've looked at a Samsung screen it's obvious the color calibration is way off
Sapphire glass scratches and cracks also. We don't know if gorilla glass 3 or willow is as good
If Apple uses Sapphire glass in its screens there has to be more functionality than just 'scratch Resistant' Good chance entire screen might be touch ID or that lower bezel might be disappearing or something we don't know yet
While Muir was hoping for a break that maybe Cook would disclose some small tidbit of info about future products that was not happening Cook is a well disciplined individual he won't even be intimidated by Icahn
Regardless of what the number is its doubtful that it will move the stock significantly. Unfortunately the only thing that will bring the stock up is a new product launch
Priced way out of wack. After all it's not a camera it's just an accessory with limited capabilities. What were these guys thinking ??? After all it's not a must have
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