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If Apple uses Sapphire glass in its screens there has to be more functionality than just 'scratch Resistant' Good chance entire screen might be touch ID or that lower bezel might be disappearing or something we don't know yet
While Muir was hoping for a break that maybe Cook would disclose some small tidbit of info about future products that was not happening Cook is a well disciplined individual he won't even be intimidated by Icahn
Regardless of what the number is its doubtful that it will move the stock significantly. Unfortunately the only thing that will bring the stock up is a new product launch
Priced way out of wack. After all it's not a camera it's just an accessory with limited capabilities. What were these guys thinking ??? After all it's not a must have
While nest may be a unique product it's nothing that's a "must have item " Apple loyalists will he hesitant to buy this product. As will the regular community as Google spying is something that's out of hand If Apple wanted Nest they could have bought it a long time ago yet they didn't
This is one of the few AnAlists that has it right "The Street's love affair with units continues to miss the transition that is underway to a services-based monetization phase, It's only. Normal that iTunes revenue will hit a saturation point ......... However have no fear the secure payment system will more than make up for the iTunes saturation
Brian White has never been correct in his earnings calls or his upcoming product releases. When I say never imesn never. He is nothing more than a wannabee stock manipulator. Or Anal-ist ( no spelling error ) check it out for yourself. Guess the press just follows anyone's comments
I remember when there were so many negative comments about iOS7. And now everyone has flocked to this new system in droves. Only goes to proven that man is a creature of habit
While all the rumors of new products and features by the Analysts certainly drum up excitement they are purely guesses.. It's time foe everyone to realize that the only thing that gets out to the public is what Applecwants you to know Remember that the Analysts are stock chutneys trying to manipulate interest inthe stock towards the sell or buy side. With little knowledge when it comes to Apple
Critics had Apple wrong in 2013 and most likely will get it wrong for 2014. Without having knowledge of Apples internal operation and strategy any Analyst putting out info and predictions are purely guesses at best. Its time the market players and public start to realize this. Apple has to be tight on security of their upcoming products  and features and theres really no way to know what they're up to. A perfect example would be the iTV which for two years now has been...
New Posts  All Forums: