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Icahn just worried about $$$$$$! For himself. 50 billion buyback will not benefit shareholders unless stock goes up and P/E ratio goes down
A lot of variables come into play as well as Price point, Roll out of network (will it be all at once or certain cities and providence at a time.). And most importantly Asian acceptance of the models which are expected to b good but how good
Samsung finally got what they deserve. Shameful that Samsung has to copy rather than innovate
Just think how many innocent investors were hurt $$$$$ because of this guys manipulation of the stock. Most likely they'll never see any compensation
2 release per year makes sense, as 2 models at the same time detracts from each other Wouldn't be surprised to see a larger screened IPhone before Apples normal cycle of Sept-iOct. Perhaps a release in June-July like the STeve Jobs era
Brian White and Gene Munster have the two worst track records on predicting earnings, new products etc. this is fact not my opinion!! Take anything these guys say with a grain of salt as it usually is worthless
Poor analogy at best. It's like comparing Apples & oranges. Comparing technology with government politics shows what Obama thinks of the average persons intelligence
Gene Munster couldn't predict the time if day let alone Apples earnings. Bet against him... Be a winner
Its amazing that Gene Munster iS stiill making his notoriously wrong Apple predictions. This Anal-ist us nothing more than a stock manipulator and it's obvious that he has no 'connection' or 'supply check' knowledge of any sort. What's more amazing is that he's still employed by Piper Jaffray. Not only has Gene Munster been totally wrong for the last 2 years he has the worst record going back further than that. He appeared on CNBC the other day and continued to defend his...
No technology is foolproof!  fact!!!    So eventually somehow someway somebody was going to beat it. However the good part is that its not easily defeated and Apple will most likely fix the flaw.
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