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Brian White and Gene Munster have the two worst track records on predicting earnings, new products etc. this is fact not my opinion!! Take anything these guys say with a grain of salt as it usually is worthless
Poor analogy at best. It's like comparing Apples & oranges. Comparing technology with government politics shows what Obama thinks of the average persons intelligence
Gene Munster couldn't predict the time if day let alone Apples earnings. Bet against him... Be a winner
Its amazing that Gene Munster iS stiill making his notoriously wrong Apple predictions. This Anal-ist us nothing more than a stock manipulator and it's obvious that he has no 'connection' or 'supply check' knowledge of any sort. What's more amazing is that he's still employed by Piper Jaffray. Not only has Gene Munster been totally wrong for the last 2 years he has the worst record going back further than that. He appeared on CNBC the other day and continued to defend his...
No technology is foolproof!  fact!!!    So eventually somehow someway somebody was going to beat it. However the good part is that its not easily defeated and Apple will most likely fix the flaw.
Hard to figure out # with so many countries launching at same time. One thing is certain Apple has to substantially beat last years number by sat least 2 million as they need the sales for this quarter. Stay tuned for Mondays announcement.
Apples right about producing 'quality'
Peter Misek.is the new Gene Munster or Brian White. Misek is an Anal-ist (no spelling error) who is trying to grab his moment of fame. However his proven track record of being wrong 99% of the time makes us wonder if this is more stock manipulation than anything else. It's hard to believe that the company he works for allows him to make the statements and predictions he does
About time Apple gave their business to somebody else rather than their competition
5C is a respectable IPhone however wouldn't most people that are buying this iPhone rather spend another $100 and get the 5S?? Pricing is too high for the China market where Apple wants to be big in
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