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The feel , weight and look of the phone are great. It commands dignity and respect.
Hardware fit and finish is sleek and pleasing to the eye and hand. As for the connectivity problem; Lets wait till next week and see if Apple posts a software update to remedy the problem. If you are unhappy with the phone after that keep in mind you have 30 days to bring it back without any ETF. don't complain later. ATT has just complicated the problem with their poor connectivity.Had the service been good to begin with, perhaps you signal strength would drop but...
What kind of survey is 608 people out of 600000 buyers??? This is just a sampling not a survey. Assuming this was done at one store, demographics etc play a part in the sampling and it really DOES NOT provide any real data when applied to the masses.
Have to say that at the 5th Avenue flagship store the experience was GOOD. Everything coordinated, the line moved fast, the associates were pleasant. Have to give the management and rest of the team at that store the credit. As for Apple not having cases, screen protectors or other accessories (Just Bumbers)available for the 4G SHAME ON APPLE!!!
Rubber bumper solves the problem, however it does ruin the 'sleekness' and 'feel' of the phone. Lets see how Apple handles this
If your in doubt.......then DON'T buy it on thurs. Wait till the issue is resolved. If you don't care if it works or not then buy it on thurs There's no right or wrong answer, Nobody can possibly know how widespread these problems are.
Only way that ATT and APPLE get the message is when the consumer starts saying 'Why am I paying money for an IPHONE if the phone doesn't work'. Poor management on ATTs part. To think that they don't understand that when people have a bad experience with ATT they ARE NOT coming back! Lets hope that this new antenna resolves some of the issues. Well we can dream can't we????
Why waste your time trying to uPDATE TONIGHT. Wait a day or two it's going to be faster. No question about it ,Apples servers are bogged down with the drain.
Lets give APPLE some credit. Hopefully they took less orders than inventory on hand. I would hate to think people reserved phones and came for nothing. That would be a disgrace on APPLEs part. Knowing Apple they are Press and customer conscious and have anticipated this.
Point well taken!! While AT&T sucks, it depends where and what you use it for. In some states, neighborhoods and areas the service is good. While in NY and California service sucks. And when Verizon gets the IPHONE it remains to be seen if the increased customer base can be handled by its network. If down the road Verizon gets the iphone and the service is VERY GOOD, i'm sure there will be many defectors to vERIZON.But all this is down the road and the road may contain...
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