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If you have synced your IPHONE all yor pictures, songs, books etc wll be recoverable.
Glass is still glass! It may take alot to break however under the right conditions it will shatter. So be careful, be confident that the Iphone4 has a better chance of not shattering than most phones and lastly stop worrying.
Well Put!! BOTTOM LINE: Everybody knows all the pluses & minuses the decision is yours to BUY IT or NOT to BUY IT. (or if you've already bought it, to keep it or return it as the 30 day return period has NOT expired for anyone yet as the product hasn't been around that long.
IPHONE 4 is a marvelous piece of technology. Unfortunately, due to ATT not providing enough towers what would be a 3 bar signal on Verizon is a 1 bar signal on ATT or even a dropped call. So the choice comes down to..........Keep the IPHONE4 for it being such a state of the art device or return it for the mediocre phone service. Remember nobody is twisting your arm either way.
Lets see when APPLE releases its software update what happens. Don't be fooled that APPLE is creating a software fix that only conforms the bars to the appropriate signal strength I would think the software fix will correct more than that which APPLE won't say or admit to.
Why wouldn't APPLE take anybodys phone back?? You have 30 days to try it out. So if you feel you have a bad one bring it back and buy a new one. When your dealing with an Antenna, the slightest movement can even cause you to loose signal or bars. While some people have legitamate complaints it would seem that the majority DOES NOT.
Most people will be buying a case once they become available. This will resolve your problem as well as give you protection. Those that aren't satisfied should return their iphone. REMEMBER, once the 30 days is up it's yours!
The feel , weight and look of the phone are great. It commands dignity and respect.
Hardware fit and finish is sleek and pleasing to the eye and hand. As for the connectivity problem; Lets wait till next week and see if Apple posts a software update to remedy the problem. If you are unhappy with the phone after that keep in mind you have 30 days to bring it back without any ETF. don't complain later. ATT has just complicated the problem with their poor connectivity.Had the service been good to begin with, perhaps you signal strength would drop but...
What kind of survey is 608 people out of 600000 buyers??? This is just a sampling not a survey. Assuming this was done at one store, demographics etc play a part in the sampling and it really DOES NOT provide any real data when applied to the masses.
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