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No benefit to the customer here. This is simply a move to reduce IPHONE data usage so that AT&T can offer tethering. AT&T will be the winner with the extra revenue it will produce. Data usage will increase. A perfect analogy would be a person buying a HDTV and only having one channel. Of course your going to pay for the extra channels or in this case the extra charge for the data. While most people are saying 'I'm grandfathered in under the old plan" they don't realize...
Most users will be Grandfathered into the old [I]unlimited plan[I]and will not be affected. On the other hand don't expect the service to get better because the data is capped. New users will pay for the data they need, nobody is going to cut back on their IPHONE usage. It's like buying a T.V. and only watching one show a week.........that's ridiculous. More DATA CONSUMTIVE features coming in the future. An example would be Video Chat, NETFLIX etc. AT&T's new plan...
Would be nice if AT&T improved their network. They have the cash, It's strange that they're not looking to improve it. Although Steve jobs said by the end of the summer the network would be better. he probably knows something we don't. It's shameful that IPHONE users inNYC have to suffer.
PC not going anywhere soon. Eventually other devices may be as functional as a desktop PC, however that still remains to be seen. IPAD is a starter to the transition and it remains to be seen where it will take us.
The option of a REMOVABLE BATTERY is a Plus no matter how you look at it. For some it's necessary as job & time don't permit for intraday recharging. Also with continuous charging the lenght of time you battery will give you decreases. (Apple battery has a life of 250 recharges)So a removable battery would save the inconvenience & cost of Apple replacement. In any event No replaceable battery till 7G (LOL) so we can just hope that the 4G lasts longer.
Gene Munster.........Last person to listen to. Apparently submits his stories to AI for publicity. His Analysis leaves much to be desired. Apple on track to sell about 9 to 10 million units. Keep in mind back to school 3rd quarter and the holiday 4th quarter which follows it. Supply constraint or other unknowns could slow it down.
'Apple has never created anything original what are you talking about? This and just about every apple product, is only a redefined dummed down version of someone elses product designed to look pretty and restrict the users ability to perform fundimental tasks forcing him to buy a new upgraded device every year. Mac OSX, ipod, all apple computers, just ideas someone else created wrapped up in a apple logo and sold to the i-dots for twice as much as its worth. ' Have...
Some many people unhappy with the PHONE FEATURE. Why doesn't AT&T start improving its service???????????????? It actually seems the service has gotten worse in NYC.
Number most likely would be higher had they had more supply here in the U.S. there have NOT been any IPADS available un the U.S. for over 2 weeks as Apple prepare for international launch. My question is how many Apps & EBOOKS have they sold??????? I passed the 5th Avenue flagship Apple store on Sat and was surprised to see a line of about 75 people waiting to enter. I thought maybe the IPADS had come in. Go Apple
960x640 IPS display should offer a noticable difference compared to the 3GS in certain applications on the Iphone like reading, pictures etc. As for comparing it to OLED, since an IPHONE gets used in many different environments with different types of light and angles at this point in time this may be the OVERALL way to go. Perhaps down the road the shortcomings and limited supply of OLED screens can be overcome. I'm hopeful that this screen achieves the color boost...
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