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Point well taken. It's a PHONE and the first priority is GETTING SERVICE. Hopefully IPHONE 4 improves connectivity but AT&Ts service sucks. Yes Verizon & Sprint have AT&T beat hands down. But once exclusivity of the IPHONE go it's likely several carriers will have the IPHONE not just verizon.
AT&T doesn't care about improving especially when it's being FORCE FED customers thanks to Apple. Its shameful to see that the majority of us have not seen ANY improvement in service from AT&T. The sad part is that AT&T is busy trying to lock customers in and to charge extra fees to increase its revenue as opposed to improving service which would help people to migrate to AT&T. This new Data scheme is just more proof of AT&T staying alive gimmicks.
If its real HD and its done right this could be a nice option.
'Out of Stock' creates some of the best free advertising in the world.
Preorder looks to be FINISHED for 6/24. APPLE website now says 7/2 . Chances of getting one in the store on line is ridiculous. Sounds like a typical apple launch.
Why would anyone think that AT&T would be able to handle the demand???? Just wait till 6/24 to see the real confusion. Most likely it'll be worse than last year.
I only hope that the IPHONE 4 works better than this ordering process!!!
Apple website only processes order so far and then goes down. Tried over 10 times. This is probably going to one of the biggest roll outs in APPLE history.
2 cameras for facechat.............Video phonecalls have been around since the 1964 Worlds Fair. It's a novelty, but not something most people would use everyday. Don't get me wrong it has its uses. Also being its a WiFI program will limit its use as well. As for the screen, lets wait and see what it looks like in real life. Everyones knocking it name (Retina Display) IMO it should be impressive. IPHONE4 should be an impressive piece of hardware. However it's still...
Won't take long to sell 3M IPHONE 4s as many people are up for renewal. New 'facechat' feature will encourage parents to give IPHONES to their kids (more business for APPLE, Steve jobs is the greatest marketer in the world.) Don't be surprised if 3m doesn't satisfy the intial demand.
New Posts  All Forums: