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Lets give APPLE some credit. Hopefully they took less orders than inventory on hand. I would hate to think people reserved phones and came for nothing. That would be a disgrace on APPLEs part. Knowing Apple they are Press and customer conscious and have anticipated this.
Point well taken!! While AT&T sucks, it depends where and what you use it for. In some states, neighborhoods and areas the service is good. While in NY and California service sucks. And when Verizon gets the IPHONE it remains to be seen if the increased customer base can be handled by its network. If down the road Verizon gets the iphone and the service is VERY GOOD, i'm sure there will be many defectors to vERIZON.But all this is down the road and the road may contain...
Apple has taken great care to ensure that all deliveries are executed with the professionalism its customers expect. As a result Apple is using FEDEX, UPS , and other carriers in certain areas to guarantee 6/24 or earlier delivery. IN OTHER WORDS STOP WORRYING!
IPHONE4 most likely has HIDDEN FEATURES locked up. These features will probably be released a few months from now to spur new excitement in the phone, also to keep the competition guessing.
'The tipster said the new glass front and back prevented scratches, though they guessed that the stainless steel perimeter of the device could become scuffed up over time. The report also noted that the device received a GPS signal in a "surprisingly quick" fashion, obtaining a lock "almost immediately." ' One thing is certain after looking at the statement...................................IT's NOT ATT HE'S TALKING ABOUT. I've never heard the words ATT and QUICK...
Point well taken. It's a PHONE and the first priority is GETTING SERVICE. Hopefully IPHONE 4 improves connectivity but AT&Ts service sucks. Yes Verizon & Sprint have AT&T beat hands down. But once exclusivity of the IPHONE go it's likely several carriers will have the IPHONE not just verizon.
AT&T doesn't care about improving especially when it's being FORCE FED customers thanks to Apple. Its shameful to see that the majority of us have not seen ANY improvement in service from AT&T. The sad part is that AT&T is busy trying to lock customers in and to charge extra fees to increase its revenue as opposed to improving service which would help people to migrate to AT&T. This new Data scheme is just more proof of AT&T staying alive gimmicks.
If its real HD and its done right this could be a nice option.
'Out of Stock' creates some of the best free advertising in the world.
Preorder looks to be FINISHED for 6/24. APPLE website now says 7/2 . Chances of getting one in the store on line is ridiculous. Sounds like a typical apple launch.
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