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This was not AT&Ts decision, APPLE made the decision as they are taking back those 3GS phones with a RMA
If this story is true (WHICH I DOUBT) I'm sure Apple will quickly come out with a IPHONE 4case that will prevent the glass breaking.
Just a heads up. As we see the new IPHONE 4 ready to lauch, its nice to see all the new and improved features. And with all many of the upcoming features such as Facechat, NETFLIX, IMOVIE etc. it's obvious that we're going to need more data usage on this phone. While almost everyone has barely blinked at AT&T's new data plans because most of it's 15 million customers are CURRENTLY locked in. I use the word CURRENTLY as most don't realize that at ant TIME AT&T could...
Hopefully whwn the IPHONE 4 hits the street it will work better than in the demo. Most probably the fact that several hundred journalists were using WIFI to blog the presentation and this caused the problem. Remember that concentration of WIFI in a limited area depleats strength.
Was in an AT&T store today checking my upgrade status. Mgr was friendly and we started talking about new data plans and new IPHONE 4G. He said to me don't be surprised if AT&T has new pricing plans for the new iphones. He said he was talking about overall minute plans. He said it was only speculation but I wouldn't be surprised to see AT&T capitalize on the upcoming IPHONE. STAY TUNED!
GOOD POINT. While 2GB seems more than the norm it will be less than the average as NETFLIX, VIDEO CHAT, & Cloud server are introduced for the IPHONE. Apple apparently has no objections to this or at least not publicly. The increased ETF, DATA CAP, and other new charges are all signs of a company in preparation of losing exclusivity of the IPHONE.
Back to the topic. Everyone's a loser as all the wireless carriers will soon follow in one way or another. While AT&T asserts that its high-end 2 GB cap will only impact the heaviest users, the fact is that today's heavy user is tomorrow's average user. With NETFLIX, VIDEO CHAT and other features coming on board Everone will be using 2GB monthly with few exceptions. Perhaps AT&Ts bold move is a sign its exclusivity is ending, or maybe their trying to prevent a mass exit...
No benefit to the customer here. This is simply a move to reduce IPHONE data usage so that AT&T can offer tethering. AT&T will be the winner with the extra revenue it will produce. Data usage will increase. A perfect analogy would be a person buying a HDTV and only having one channel. Of course your going to pay for the extra channels or in this case the extra charge for the data. While most people are saying 'I'm grandfathered in under the old plan" they don't realize...
Most users will be Grandfathered into the old [I]unlimited plan[I]and will not be affected. On the other hand don't expect the service to get better because the data is capped. New users will pay for the data they need, nobody is going to cut back on their IPHONE usage. It's like buying a T.V. and only watching one show a week.........that's ridiculous. More DATA CONSUMTIVE features coming in the future. An example would be Video Chat, NETFLIX etc. AT&T's new plan...
Would be nice if AT&T improved their network. They have the cash, It's strange that they're not looking to improve it. Although Steve jobs said by the end of the summer the network would be better. he probably knows something we don't. It's shameful that IPHONE users inNYC have to suffer.
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