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Some many people unhappy with the PHONE FEATURE. Why doesn't AT&T start improving its service???????????????? It actually seems the service has gotten worse in NYC.
Number most likely would be higher had they had more supply here in the U.S. there have NOT been any IPADS available un the U.S. for over 2 weeks as Apple prepare for international launch. My question is how many Apps & EBOOKS have they sold??????? I passed the 5th Avenue flagship Apple store on Sat and was surprised to see a line of about 75 people waiting to enter. I thought maybe the IPADS had come in. Go Apple
960x640 IPS display should offer a noticable difference compared to the 3GS in certain applications on the Iphone like reading, pictures etc. As for comparing it to OLED, since an IPHONE gets used in many different environments with different types of light and angles at this point in time this may be the OVERALL way to go. Perhaps down the road the shortcomings and limited supply of OLED screens can be overcome. I'm hopeful that this screen achieves the color boost...
Point well taken.Plenty of people that need jobs in the U.S. would be excited & happy to work for Apple. While AMERICANS would be excited to buy a product thats actually made in the U.S. While the jobs would not be top paying jobs, they still would have a long line of applicants. GREAT IDEA FOR APPLE.
Still no IPADS available in the APPLE stores in U.S. So a supply shortage around the world is no surprise. Hopefully we will see some product available in the U.S. in a week or so. Website still say 7-10 days, however this is only an approximate shipping time.
Seems as though many useful Apps never make it, while the simple Apps with short Longevity to them do. Unfortunately Apple seems to be not approving anything that might compete with their business orhas the potential to be pirated. Looking at it both ways I still really don't agree, even though I can appreciate the need for security and integrity of the device.
Maybe an IPHONE 4G that does NOT look anything like the prototype that was found. Keep in mind that I'm sure APPLE tests many prototypes. Was the one that was found the one that is to be released??? Is the Iphone that appeared in vietnam real or a fake??? JUNE 7 2010...........Be prepared for a surprise.
Steve Jobs is one of the GREATEST marketers of our time as well as being among the ranks of brilliancy. To even think that he would not take advantage of an opportunity like this is ridiculous. Being that everyone is thinking that the cats out of the bag and the element of surprise has vanished is all the more reason to expect a surprise.
Take a wait &see approach. Any new product or OS always has a few bugs. If you don't want to deal with them wait a while till things get worked out. Which usually doesn't take that long with APPLE
Munster has been wrong too many times. His predictions seem to be just guesses as he has no way of knowing what surprises loom at the WWDC. I would be really surprised if APPLE did NOT have a surprise for everyone. And what better time to pull something off than when everyone is not expecting it.
New Posts  All Forums: