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APPLE is preparing for international launch of Ipad and diverting most of its suppliers to producing product for that launch. That is why it's almost impossible to find an IPAD in the U.S. at this time As for the sales beating out MACs: Might be possible, as the novelty, and gray market buying for overseas have definitely spiked the demand but this is not sustainable in the long run. Hard to believe that people are favoring a Media device over a laptop but in the short...
These are all 'small toys' which are really no big deal. Time to see some huge bells & whistles on the new IPHONE. Hope Apple delivers.
Definite TURN-OFF Black brings out the screen contrast and colors more. Hopefully this is wrong or at least Black is an option. I'm surprised at how sloppy and how many leaks have come up for the 4G. Not like Apple.
If the 4G has:Better Battery Life Good Connectivity A phone with clarity and more features Then I'll agree IT Is a WINNER anything else is just candy One more thing, Don't be surprised if the 4G is different from the pictures you are seeing.
[QUOTE=grtgrfx;1631805]decent phone operation. With all the brouhaha about features, apps or lack of same, aren't we all waiting for Apple to improve the telephonic mechanics of the iPhone? I want a better speaker, louder output, clearer-sounding mics, additional settings for different circumstances (silent, meeting, etc.); you know, the things that traditional cell makers like Sony-Ericsson and Nokia got right years ago. Hoping that my new iPhone is a better...
AT&T claims to have it implemented by the end of 2010, I really don't belive it. More important Give the people in the BIG CITIES and everywhere else CONNECTIVITY!!!both for phone service and internet. There's no reason in 2010 that people should have to stand by a window or walk to a certain area of their house or workplace to make a call or go online.
She supposedly called as the phone was connected to her computer in an attempt to snyc it with itunes, and she feared she would be involved in the situation when she had nothing to do with it.
2 months may or may not be long enough to copy a phone, however it certainly gives the competition an edge and cuts down the lead time to copy it. Apple may release the phone earlier than expected to compensate. Maybe even the day after its announced.
Good possiblility that a feature of the new Iphone has something similar to this when it is released. I can see Apples concerns over security in this app as it probably would be able to be synced to others iPODs as well with a little bit of hacking.
POINT WELL TAKEN! Only time we may see a CDMA IPHONE is when APPLES revenue is declining or when Verizon or Sprint agrees to pay Apple like AT&T does. Neither of these is a likely senario at this point in time.
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