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Steve Jobs is one of the GREATEST marketers of our time as well as being among the ranks of brilliancy. To even think that he would not take advantage of an opportunity like this is ridiculous. Being that everyone is thinking that the cats out of the bag and the element of surprise has vanished is all the more reason to expect a surprise.
Take a wait &see approach. Any new product or OS always has a few bugs. If you don't want to deal with them wait a while till things get worked out. Which usually doesn't take that long with APPLE
Munster has been wrong too many times. His predictions seem to be just guesses as he has no way of knowing what surprises loom at the WWDC. I would be really surprised if APPLE did NOT have a surprise for everyone. And what better time to pull something off than when everyone is not expecting it.
Don't count on getting an IPAD here in the U.S. until after the big INTERNATIONAL LAUNCH on the 28th. Website saying 7-10 days, however calling the 800 # tells you this is only approximate. Signing up on 'Notify Me' list does not have a time frame.
Google is like big brother as well, Retaining information on individuals searches. Its Unfortunate that Google has taken this path as people will eventually learn that this can be harmful or used in ways it was not intended to be. Even though Google claims that it will only release the info if they receive a supena.
Nice feature. Now the question is will AT&T have the bandwithh to support it? Hard to believe.
I remember the 'SELL', I don't remember the price it was at but around $100. While APPLE is a powerhouse market forces and the economic tide will hold the stock price back (IN THE SHORT TERM). Regardless of all the positives, when the market dropped 10% recently APPLE was also down 10% ( $270 to$ 240). And keep in mind that this was with all the great happenings taking place, i.e. the IPAD lauch, announcement of the WWDC on June 7Also announcement of 1 millionth IPAD...
Most people will want the 4G when it comes out. So once it comes out the 3GS (8gb) will be almost an antique. Apple most have inventory it wants to clear out. I would call this event normal.
Katy Huberty jumping on board and is one of the last to join the 300 club, Until we see things improving in europe the U.S. market is not going higher and neither is APPLE. By the way I don't see a time frame in her prediction. So she's calling for $400 by when???
Hard to believe that Steve jobs is going to announce a 4g IPHONE which everybody has seen through leaks. Be prepered for a surprise when it's announced.
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