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While parts of this rumor look feasible others are questionable Production has most likely started as time is running short. As for the 1GB of RAMM this is also a reasonable deduction as this low end IPhone still has to have reasonable functionality
Actually renting the phone, thats what it comes down to. And if you break the phone or lose it your screwed. No big advantage other than breaking down the payments.
Better than before but still not good enough Apple needs to do more
'Major Revisions' thats exactly whats needed. This seems like a work in progress rather than a finished product. I don't understand why Apple would undertake trying to change its UI with only 7 months to do it. Understandably this is a daunting tedious process. Besides Apple already saw what happened when they tried to do the same thing with Apple Maps Hopefully by the time this comes out in September there are big changes.
Better late than never at least Apples listening albeit with only one ear
Have to believe this story. Reason is, here in NYC towers are plentiful and at first I was getting 40-50 on the download side. Now 20 is average. Yes more people are now using 4G however the drop regardless of the time of day or place seems to be throttling
Dies anyone really care if the Apps are simple or high gloss?? It's more important , for me at least to see more functionality and new features.
By the time the ITC makes a ruling the impact on Samsung will be minimal. Unfortunately the system stinks and needs to be revamped
While Ireland seems to be taking advantage of the U S stupidly the real problem is the rate at which repatriating the money is Why doesn't the US encourage all these companies holding almost 2 trillion dollars abroad to repatriate the money with a one time tax break. The reason is simple these guys in Congress are greedy and stupid and think that they're going to hold Apple and all the test of the companies hostage. WAKE up !!!! Apple Pfizer Merck Google IBM couldn't...
While the design may be good, the weight ,performance drop and high price definitely kills this accessory. Why would I want to take away from the reception or increase the weight of the phone so much. The heavier the iphone is the harder it hits the ground and more likely to break. Bottom Line: These guys haven't accomplished anything.
New Posts  All Forums: