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This is news based on past rumors. !! We know this already. The FPS rumors have no substantiation. The picture we've seen is questionable. Yes there is a Biometric Folder in IOS 7 betr. But that's it so far. 4 days to go and we're still not seeing any further proof. If its true this could be Apples best kept secret feature yet
While the part has some similar shapes to it like the round home button it's really hard to say that this is a FPS. As much as I want to see one just like the next guythis part doesn't look right. I'm no expert
So many rumors makes it hard to figure out if there's any truth to what they say. Don't expect to much and you won't be disappointed
Color is not going to be the main selling point of this device. iOS 7 will be more important than even the scanner. Lets remember that functionality and bells and whistles are what people like the best and hopefully iOS 7 brings out the best.
No serious confirmation yet that there will be a fingerprint scanner.  Would Apple limit themselves ???
Glad to see the rumor mill is alive and well and building on itself. By next week .........
About time Samsung 'buyer known as the COPYCAT' gets kicked where it hurts. Even though the products effected are old, it still upholds what a patent stands for.
For all those that are so worried about the fingerprint scanner....fear not.   Seems that we don't have any real confirmation yet that there will be one other than rumors.
Looks as though the finger scanner may not be in this years IPhone, unfortunately Even the code we saw in iOS 7 beta 4 is just there for future use hopefully I'm wrong however we haven't seen any real proof The next 2 weeks will tell the story
Gene Munster, the infamous anal-ist that has rarely if ever gotten anything right when making a call.  Doubtful this Mot X will appeal to Apple customers but they will do sales.
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