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Went to the APPLE store on fifth ave in NY on friday (5:30 p.m. EST) and literally had to wait fifteen minutes to enter the store, there was about fourty people on line. The store was really crowded. I picked up what I needed and proceeded to the checkout lines. THERE WAS 5 LINES WITH APPROXIMATELY 15-20 PEOPLE ON EACH LINE!!! After waiting 30 minutes I finally got checked out. There was actually a line to go up the spiral staircase and get out of the store. It only...
Its quite obvious that APPLE enjoys playing this marketing game with us as much as we enjoy reading this stuff. GO APPLE, IT's a marketing game that gets more attention than anything else
NOKIA Has been a leader for years until their innovative and creative ability became complacent. In times like these even APPLE can't afford to become complacent and fall behind. Will NOKIA ever achieve its dominance again ??? only time will tell, as their pipeline must have some interesting things in it. One things for sure it's going to be a rough battle with APPLE at the helm.
Why wouldn't the 'ALLEGED APPLE ENGINEER" call his own phone number and ask the finder to return it for a $1000 reward if he was that desperate?? or should I say if the phone was the real thing!!! The more this story gets thought about the more I'm laughing. Somebody pulled off a good stunt and it WAS NOT APPLE.
Time for APPLE to put some widely needed features in their next IPHONE. One example would be a REMOVEABLE BATTERY. I'm sure nobody would object to that and APPLE would make extra $$ selling spare batteries. Apple needs to catch up with the features that many phones have had for years. It's rediculous to think that the camera has no LED flash. I remember my cellphone back in 2003 had an LED FLASH. Unfortunately APPLES customers aren't demanding enough and settle. There's...
from you mouth to apples ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OLED truly has a spectacular black level and PICTURE QUALITY. In a 9.7 inch size it would trruly be magnificent. Whether production capabilities and price are PROHIBITIVE is the question. Time will tell.
Story DOESN"T sound right. Unless this is a marketing stunt by APPLE, It's hard to believe. In any case be patient only approximately 60 days to go. More important, lets hope APPLE makes us all ecstatic with the new hardware release when it finally comes out. After all this game playing, I would hate to be disappointed as would everyone else.
APPLE will have some say in the pricing structure AT&T uses.
NYC TRansit: NO SERVICE works inside the tunnel! but when the train is outside YES there is service. PENN STATION: Forget about it! Basement of my house: Yes, but the service is not reliable. Keep in mind that every basement is different in construction and location.
New Posts  All Forums: