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For those worried about their APPLE STOCK: Fear not ! While the meltdown of Greece has been a negative for all, be assured that APPLE is one of the strongest stocks to be in. We all know that the international lauch of the IPAD is coming, the new IPHONE will most probably be announced at the WWDC and other surprises are in store. And lets not forget the revenue from IADS coming soon
The scary thing with AT&T is that should you be in an EMERGENCY and need assistance, YOU might not be able to get service. It's dangerous. Even not an emergency. Lets say yourdriving on a highway and get a flat tire. Will you be able to call for help??? I think i've made my point.
GOOD POINT desarc I'm in NEW YORK CITY. Service is hit &miss. Even when I'm not around tall buildings. and I know people that actually have to stand near a window or turn off their 3G and use EDGE or even use a VOIP app.
Hard to believe AT&T has spent Billions of dollars and the service has gotten worse. Yes we know that the number of users has increased dramatically in the last year, but why hasn't AT&T worked to improve their service???? This is 2010, SHAME ON AT&T !!!! They'll be crying when they lose the EXCLUSIVITY of the IPHONE. On the other side APPLES IPHONE needs tweaking also, which supposedly has been done on their next model. This remains to be seen and personally I don't...
One question comes to mind when we talk about a forward facing camera, How will AT&T be able to handle the extra usage on its network????????????????? After all, If I have a Front facing video camera, I would probably use it when making calls as would most people. It just doesn't add up.
I'm still waiting for the APPLE SURPRISE. I would really be disappointed to see Steve Jobs come out and say that what we saw is the 4G model. I'm expecting a 4G phone with better productivity & connectivity. Anything less would be disappointing.
Have to agree. I would actually be disappointed in APPLE if the IPHONE 4G was exactly as GIZMOTO picture shows. BE PREPARED FOR A SURPRISE. Isn't that what APPLES all about.
I bought it to experience media content . 7inches might have been easier to carry around . Although this size has its benefits.
Looks like the IPAD is almost unstopable! 1 million in 28 days, supply can NOT keep up with demand, International sales have been pushed back by 1 month. LIMIT IS STILL 2 This item is hot. It has its functions (basically as a Media device) However, it's not taking over your desktop nor was it intended to. It's a nice new toy. gaining momentum by the day. Fight it all you want but this IPAD is 'HIP' The people love it and it's in. Last point: Mr. Munster making...
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