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Glad to see the rumor mill is alive and well and building on itself. By next week .........
About time Samsung 'buyer known as the COPYCAT' gets kicked where it hurts. Even though the products effected are old, it still upholds what a patent stands for.
For all those that are so worried about the fingerprint scanner....fear not.   Seems that we don't have any real confirmation yet that there will be one other than rumors.
Looks as though the finger scanner may not be in this years IPhone, unfortunately Even the code we saw in iOS 7 beta 4 is just there for future use hopefully I'm wrong however we haven't seen any real proof The next 2 weeks will tell the story
Gene Munster, the infamous anal-ist that has rarely if ever gotten anything right when making a call.  Doubtful this Mot X will appeal to Apple customers but they will do sales.
This is the one feature that can and will push the 5S into the sweet spot in users hearts. Additional speed, better camera thats all expected and nothing unique. Even the up and coming LTE-A is not ready to be fully deployed. Hopefully Apple doesn't let us down.
While parts of this rumor look feasible others are questionable Production has most likely started as time is running short. As for the 1GB of RAMM this is also a reasonable deduction as this low end IPhone still has to have reasonable functionality
Actually renting the phone, thats what it comes down to. And if you break the phone or lose it your screwed. No big advantage other than breaking down the payments.
Better than before but still not good enough Apple needs to do more
'Major Revisions' thats exactly whats needed. This seems like a work in progress rather than a finished product. I don't understand why Apple would undertake trying to change its UI with only 7 months to do it. Understandably this is a daunting tedious process. Besides Apple already saw what happened when they tried to do the same thing with Apple Maps Hopefully by the time this comes out in September there are big changes.
New Posts  All Forums: