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Once again Gene Munster Wrong. This time Apple exec has downplayed his rumors of a cheaper IPhone Hopefully soon the SEC follows up on the market manipulation.
Gene Munster.......mr Apple, once again coming out with facts which are worthless. While I believe he might have asked CEO s of small companies these are not LARGE companies with thousands of people. Stands to reason that the CEO of Boeing, IBM, or JPMorgan would not even see Munster. If zmunster had any credibility he would state how mAny people work for these companies Take anything Munster says with a grain of salt Rumor had it that SEC is investigating him for...
Brian whites Track reord on Apple predictions is one of the worst out there. Unfortunately he seems to be lacking any real source of information. But I always enjoy fiction, if only it was reality
6 to 9 months wood be good as long as Apple has nice improvements not just a minor thing
Unfortunately Munster has not exactly been the best predicter when it comes to Apple. This is evidenced by his earnings calls, Apple TV call etc. his accuracy rating is somewhere in the mid 40% percentile. He's actually manipulated the stock more than anything else Think about it.
Apple still hot. China living proof. Pundits and Analysts just going along with the crowd so they can't be singled out. Most will cut their Price targets by $50-$100 this week. Remember what Tim cook said .......'Don't bet AGAINST Apple'
Mini  is a MULTI-task device. It will surpass Kindle and Nook even though it is priced higher. Size is right!!  Price is right!!
Seems as though Update has resolved the WiFi connection issue. Download takes time..............be prepared.
CEO of TWC isn't the only one!!!!     we're all patient as we know that when Apple brings it out it's going to be done right!!!
This shall all pass.............Maps will get better as they can't really get worse. Johny Cue is more than capable of bringing great talent to Apple.
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