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While the design may be good, the weight ,performance drop and high price definitely kills this accessory. Why would I want to take away from the reception or increase the weight of the phone so much. The heavier the iphone is the harder it hits the ground and more likely to break. Bottom Line: These guys haven't accomplished anything.
iOS has been the new Windows without question. Sad to see how Microsoft dropped the ball. Ios capabilities are endless and its good to see that people are finally realizing the reality
No sure way to know about "Yield Issues" Apple has many sources and will work it out. Bigger question is when Apple wants to release it.
All these GREAT ideas and patents...........Why aren't we seeing some of them in the iPhone??? These are great, things people would want to see. Unfortunately it seems that the all these patents just go in Apples vault and never come to fruition in any product. Bottom Line: Apple is innovating, just never using what they invent.
For those thAt have followed Brian Whites track record, it's probably the worst of any analyst !!!! It's amazing that the SEC hasn't gotten involved in this market manipulating
Question is, will he still be as effective at Apple as he was before??   in any case I would give him the chance as now he will appreciate the position more.
Useful for find my I phone, 
Sounds like B.S.  Its all part of a plan by Google to attempt to control the way we think. If that day ever comes we're finished.
Hard to visualize how in this time and age a SmartWatch can come into play. Before the invention of the Smartphone chances were certainly better. Its going to be a true challenge and one that will not be accepted easily as todays generation has gotten away from watches period. Time will tell, Samsung has not been successful over the years and its doubtful that any company including Apple can put enough features in a Smartwatch to make it a winner.
Going to be tough to bring the Blackberry name back after such a long wait. Especially when corporate and government seem to be flocking away from Blackberry.
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