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One man's "oppression and burden" is another man's impetus to better their company (see T-Mobile's John Legere's interview)
In my case we're 5 buddies with devices on different platforms: iOS and Android + Mac. Telegram allows us to chat as it is available for Android, iOS, Mac and PC. What sets Telegram apart from say Kik is cross platform/device availability, no need to log off from 1 device to switch to another. (as seen with Kakao, Kik ), and chat history is carried through like iMessage <--> Messages app.
With Telegram picking up steam and getting better with each release, IMO will have to bring something fresh to the IM game which will set it apart. Otherwise it's DOA... This imo, of course ;)
So something I find odd with these actions. Hacker groups claim to fight for the little guy by attacking "Big Corp Inc." Yet by rendering public on the Net the private info of a small client would be doing them harm, no?
smells like pork; pass the applesauce
Hoping "thinner" does NOT equal "optical drive gone"
Entered my MobiMe info and it offered to migrate my account to iCloud. Not ready yet so I cancelled. It's a shame they haven't given us a way to merge Apple IDs (which I use to make purchases), iTunes account (set up long ago and has a purchase history), and MobileMe.
His last name (Frega) is telling: at the end he's been 'Fregato" (Italian for "shafted")
Disney's CEO, Bob Iger was interviewed on Nightline and also issued a statement that can be read on various sites.http://www.examiner.com/tv-in-national/steve-jobs-video
Unless I missed it, somewhat surprised Jeff Bezos issued no comment. @shen, could not get through the whole video without crying; its message became that more poignant.
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