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The tone of the replies thus far makes the Apple community look petty, reactionary, and tone deaf. Yelling about his weight does nothing to prove your point, and makes you look like a sad, pedantic troll. Drop the ad hominem bullshit. Address the issue of dishonesty, move on, stop acting like sad little children.
I think the retention of Firewire is related to a lot of fixed peripherals. I have an 800 dollar video camera that only connects via firewire, and a 10x10 audio interface that is firewire only. Without the ability to connect those devices I'd find myself not upgrading, because I like them a hell of a lot and everything I do with them I can do on my current machine. If they can keep the firewire port, they probably will, at least for one model on the line. A lot of people...
Come on AI, can we stop with the Digitimes rumors? I mean, unless they get something right in the next 6-12 months, we should just boycott their rumors, and maybe they'll stop making #*!$ up for clickthroughs.
You would think ATT would want you to use the hotspot feature..the better to charge you for more gigabytes of data. It seems like ATT reluctantly operates a wireless network, wishing people wouldn't use it despite the fact that its brought them customers in droves.
3G speeds also factor in if you lose 4G connectivity, at which point the AT&T one is gonna be faster, assuming you get service in the area
UGH and now for the insult: ATT pricing for non-apple 4g hardware: Now I'm officially pissed off. I get 1 gb less for my 30 dollars than someone with a Galaxy Tab LTE device.
I ordered mine, but I've gotta say, that pricing for AT&T is really slimy, its an absolute shame that they give you less data for a faster connection for the same price as cell phones. What a godawful company.
I'm skeptical this is a legitimate part, the image apple sent out today had a black border, not a silver one
Lets not confuse rights with privileges, the right to publish what you want is enshrined in the constitution, but the right to be invited to have a secret first look at a new OS is not. Apple can choose to punish news organizations if they want, it has no impact on freedom of speech.
Seems like my iPad and iPhone have nicer screens than their Samsung rivals, so I imagine that Apple could beat them if they wanted to. I'm still not convinced Apple would make a TV, embedding your device (which has a 2 year replacement cycle) into a television (which has a 10-15 year replacement cycle in most households) seems like a recipe for product failure. Apple's business is built on repeat customers who want to have the latest gear (iphone, ipads, ipods) but the...
New Posts  All Forums: