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If you spent as much time posting here as you did calling 18002752273 you would have a new phone by now!
This is pretty awesome. I really love the Mercedes SL's. Although, if I were Jobs I would drive a fully decked out BMW ///M6 and a Porsche Panamera (because of its similarity to the Porsche 928 that he famously touted in the -80s)
L O L - I think your only option is a system restore, in other words re-install Vista because your issue seems to be purely software related. Either that, or revert your system back to an earlier date (assuming you have this feature setup). Good luck with Windows.
Does this device create an AD-HOC network of its own or do you need a central Wi-Fi access point. Hmmmmmmm
As a dedicated Macintosh user since 2000, I have been at a loss for a valid online community. Although I have had AppleInsider in my Twitter and RSS aggregators for some time, I finally got around to joining the community this afternoon. What a pleasure it will be to interact with such an active community. I am a seasoned Final Cut Pro editor, and have owned just about every Macintosh model possible. I look forward to offering up my knowledge and asking for help now...
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