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Nope my friend i am talking about SLOW charging not the charging Past the 100% mark .. it takes ages to charge compared to the iPad 2 ...
yeah i have that problem .. sometimes a switching on and off of the 3g/4g connection helps .. Wish to have it sorted soon .. cos its annoying ! Still love my New iPad .. but the battery is also damn slow to recharge ..
Exactly .. The only thing not working for us in Germany is PUSH .. We still get e-mail via iCloud and the rest .. just wont get pushed .. its just another e-mail service now .. that u either check manually or via interval .. thats all .. big deal .. !not
I was thinking exactly the same lol
Here you go .. i found it in 30 seconds : http://www.zdnet.com/blog/apple/best...e_skin;content Quote at bottom of the article : "Sure beats those lame GoDaddy and Samsung SuperBowl commercials."
Artists like Bjork & Gorillas to name just two have produced all or most parts of their latest albums on iPads ...
You would have a hard time to get people to subscribe to that here .. Unless that would include a Full Sub to SKY TV .. (Sat Digital TV by Murdoch)
Am sorry but they must be smoking something .. Here in Germany you can buy a great HDTV for under 1000 Euros .. And the Apple TV ain't selling much at all already .. On top they think people will pay what ? 60-90 a Month for a TV Service ? Where do they live ? Not here thats for sure .. Here Customers expect DSL / Landline Fone Service with a Landline to Landline Flatrate and TV for something that costs 60 or more .. I Pay 60 EUROS for a 50MB Down 10Up...
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