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Not to be rude, but this happens quite a lot in places that aren't New York and London. it happened where I live just last month. Everything gone for most of the day. I would suggest this is only a "story" because it's happening to someone famous or someone who has a blog (in London or New York).
Poor wi-fi behaviour, especially not waking up, is the biggest problem I have with all my Apple gear. Back to My Mac hardly works at all as a result and without spam protection in iOS, all my devices start spamming me and continue all day long until I get home and wake up the desktop computer. When I'm at home, I periodically have to walk around the house wiggling mice and fiddling with keyboards to get everything to wake up and talk to each other. Apple TV is a pain in...
Yes.No.Regular metal is liquid at high temperatures and when cooled it crystallises, creating giant easy to exploit "seams" (for lack of a better word) where it will fracture under stress. Liquidmetal is based on a way of making the metal cool differently so that it doesn't crystallise and therefore is much less prone to fracturing or catastrophic breaking. So it's more or less the same as any other metal, but with some trace elements added and created using a process...
Please name the type of metal used that becomes "radio-transparent" when it has been doped with small amounts of some other metal. Liquidmetal is a type metal alloy with interesting physical properties engendered by the way it's alloyed, the materials it's "doped" with and how it's cooled. It's no more radio-transparent than any other metal.
It better not be that Zirconia ceramic that Apple has a world-wide exclusive licence for or there will certainly be more legal troubles.
It doesn't make a lot of sense to me either. Liquidmetal would *not* be radio transparent and as you say is prohibitively expensive. I could see them doing it if they keep the external antenna as well and to give the new iPhone a back that is reminiscent of the old iPods but won't get scratched like they do. It seems like an awful lot of trouble and expense for just a "look" and a slightly lower incidence of back repairs.
The dirtiness of coal is common knowledge as is the efforts of the coal lobby to claim against all scientific evidence that there is such a thing as "clean" coal technology. It's also, basic science ... when someone makes an outrageous or sensational claim that defies common sense, reason and established science ... the onus is on them to prove their claim. Claiming "coal is clean" and there is "nothing wrong" with burning it, equates with claiming that a UFO ate your...
No room at that party for a modicum of compassion for your fellow humans? Sure we are all going to die soon and life is to be lived, but there's no reason to take the earth with us and screw over our children either.
Nah, if they were still smoking pot, they'd probably be more like they used to be which is honourable, honest, and concerned about the environment. The new Greenpeace is a dishonest PR machine that only cares about promoting it's own corporate profile in the media. I would bet they gave up the pot, for scotch on the rocks with their lawyers at the club years ago.
This is absolute lies and nonsense. Every word of it.
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