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http://www.sonystyle-europe.com/esho...=PCGZ1SPNL.CEK This was the only thing that i could find close. It came out a week after i bought my pb. Am i sorry i bought the mac. No.
sorry that came out wrong what i meant was i wasn't sure if it would be possible to upgrade an existing g4 powerbook to use the new chip. i agree the pb is here for a while.
i had the same thing, wintel laptops are either high spec'ed desktop replacements which you wouldn't want to carry between desks let alone to work and back or shiney stylized toys with the spec of gnat. Needless to say i also plumped for the pb12. I assume you mean 640 meg of memory though or have i missed a trick? I think i saw an earlier post this week saying that although the ibm 970's are imminent that it is unlikely that they will be slotted into existing...
Just had a mail from Connectix uk saying that Virtual PC6 for mac is out of stock. Worrying. .... It's not got anything to do with MS taking them over do you think.
That'll do nicely. Thanks.
Recently switched to Os X on a 12" pb. The only 2 things i can find that are a problem are that there is no # key on the keyboard, not a huge problem until i log onto other unix servers and start scripting. I'm assuming that i can map a key to it but i haven't had a chance to look properly yet. If somebody could save me the bother .... The other thing is i assume there is no support for windows digital certificates. I have virtual pc6 on order but i just want to make...
Speaking as a non mac user looking to replace my current notebook (vaio z600 something or other). I would firstly like to thank you all for answering most of the questions i or any potential buyer with a clue should ask. But i would also like to point out that following quite a bit of research on my behalf the only 12" machine i can find with a spec higher than 256mb memory,40gb disk pentium III ish processor is .... no wait for it ... the upgraded pb12. As a result i...
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