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ok so my 1st gen ipod is dead after loyal and manful service. I've bought a new 5th gen ipod to replace it. I have a firewire charging cable from my girlfriends ipod mini but I can't use it to download from my 12" powerbook. I'm forced to use the pb's usb 1 instead which is way slower than fw. Seems crazy, is there an update i can apply to allow me to download via fw?
wireless phone/pda/touch screen ipod all in one paired with a mac mini acting as a digi recorder come media centre. fun ... games ... ?
Aye your right. If you set it to automatically join any network it starts working. As opposed to setting it to join "your" network specifically. Thanks
Hi all Until recently I was using my 12"pb (10.3.something) and airport to access the web. I had to reconfigure the airport to use a 5 char wep password so that i could add a windows xp laptop to the lan, at this point i also renamed the network. Since then everytime i put the pb to sleep it fails to reconnect automatically to the airport forcing me to select the airport signal from the menu bar and select the appropriate network. I've obviously missed...
Agree that built in dock is daft. Thats what fw/usb is for but for a while now i have been wanting a laptop with which you can easily swap the system disks on. ie. one with a linux install one with an osx install and who knows even a windows one.. True you can dual boot a single disk but that limits the space avaliable to each install. I guess this is going to be much easier to acheive on an intel platfrom as well
Does your work site have a firewall?
for future reference you can also do the following in terminal to get dir space/usage info. open terminal type du -k |sort -n sit back and wait for it to scan
thinking about it this might be better off in genius bar. if one of the mods could oblige.
I have a sun server sharing a file system via samba. I can connect to this share using my pb and airport over my lan. However when i try to connect to the (isp supplied) external airport ip address and port map (ports 137-139 inclusive) the samba connection through i get connection errors (-36). I have sneaky supsicion that samba is netbios based which would mean it is not routeable by the airport. Anybody tried something similar.
http://www.linux-on-laptops.com/apple.html The above site has served me well for non apple laptop linux installs. I used to be a linux freak, installed it on everything so that I could run oracle databases from home (i'm a dba by trade) but now I have oracle running on my 12" pb with osx 10.2.something. I'll have to upgrade to 10.3 if i want to go to oracle 10g though. OSX in my opinion is a far more balanced/usable os than traditioanl linux.
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