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Get upset, moi? Stop living in the past Mr. H - Flash is now all about 10.1
Agree, selectable text and other features that are readily available in HTML should be enabled by default in Flash.Thought you were referring to the standalone VLC app, didn't know it was available as a plugin. Yes that's a fair test and it'll be interesting to know the results again when 10.1 moves out of beta.
All of these are the responsibility of the developer. The ability to deep link in Flash has been around for years, made easier in the last three by swfaddress. Dynamic font sizing is achievable but I can't remember one Flash enabled site that does it. There are of course accessibility advantages Flash has, like the ability to detect active screen readers. Being able to select text in Flash is controlled by a property, again set by the developer.Not exactly a like for...
All of the noise coming out of Adobe for the past couple of years regarding Flash on the iPhone has been about how they're trying to work with Apple to resolve the issues. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/10...be_flash_iphonI understand Apple were frustrated at previous versions of the Flash plugin being a major cause of Safari crashing on desktop which formed part of the reasoning to not include it on iPhone and iPad but there's been no word about the new Flash player...
Is that help kill Adobe flash that created the phenomenal growth of online video? Help kill Adobe flash that powers millions of free online game sessions each day? Or help kill Adobe flash that inconvenienced a few thousand Mac users due to poorly coded Flash sites and an OSX Flash plugin that can struggle to play video due to it being blocked by Apple from using the Mac's hardware acceleration?http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives..._new_tests.php /discuss
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