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    All of those products sold in other countries were designed and engineered where?   A European vacation for consumers is not the same thing. We go there to spend money. Businesses go there to make money.
  Product prices are already as high as they think customers are willing to pay. Increasing taxes will not change it.
jragosta and tzeshan need to do their homework.     Because Apple is a company based out of the US, ALL of their overseas profits are subject to tax.     Apple paid 2% in taxes on $36.8B of foreign revenue for fiscal 2012 http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/154084/apple-paid-2-in-taxes-on-36-8b-of-foreign-revenue-for-fiscal-2012       Since Apple benefits immensely from our country's infrastructure (court system, roadways, immigration, utilities,...)...
  The rates are fine, whatever it is 35%. Remove the loopholes which makes their effective rate 10.75%   The $55b is what Apple has left over after paying expenses which include salaries. Employees will not be paying taxes from it.
  Yahoo's numbers are questionable. Apple admitted paying $6b for 2012.   Now, looking at Apple's 2012 income of $55.763b before taxes (Yahoo was close on that one), and knowing they paid $6b, Apple's tax rate was 10.75%. Much too small for any company or person.   And the have the gall to tell congress they need a "tax holiday" on their overseas profits before they will spend it in the US.       Apple Not Bringing Overseas Cash Back Home, Blames U.S. Tax...
  Let them. Their talent will not follow them to a second or third world country.
  So true. The 2 lane road not for heavy vehicles is not the same thing.   It would be more telling if we knew the starting location and the destination to see if Apple maps recommends the same route.
More than 2 months prior to today's debacle, people were already saying apple maps is inferior to what it replaced.       Sunday, September 30, 2012, 02:06 pm Revised Apple website no longer calls iOS 6 Maps most 'powerful' By AppleInsider Staff In the wake of criticism over its Maps application for iOS 6, Apple has revised its website to no longer refer to the software as the most "powerful mapping service ever."   "....Apple's new mapping...
  Show us other mapping systems that resulted in the local authorities warning people not to use it.  Those Darwin Award winners are Apples bread and butter. Apple couldn't have earned billions of dollars a quarter without them. Apple knows it, that's why they are doubling the size of their genius bars.       If the map did its job, it would have directed them straight into town and not into a remote areas.       Yes inferior. Multiple motorists lost and a police warning...
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