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    In his previous post he said his iphone4s gets excellent reception.  What agenda can he possibly have except for reporting balanced & truthful information?
It's tit for tat.  How often does Apple offer to work out agreements with competitors?
  And people expect the same.
Tell them it's for an iPad but give them your iPhone imei. Should work for any carrier.
  Because he IS gay. If he was not, he would have said so long ago. How old are you?
  Tim would be called a liar by the straight and gay people that know him. That's why he'll never deny being gay.     Now, you have been labeled many things by many people, but you still refuse to accept it. Where's your pride? You certainly don't have any dignity left.
  He can't refute it. If he did, he would be called a liar. Just like Steve, Tim cares more about making money than taking a stand on social issues.     Meet Apple’s New Boss, The Most Powerful Gay Man in Silicon Valley It looks increasingly like Steve Jobs' reign at Apple is over. If the CEO doesn't return from his third, indefinite medical leave, COO Tim Cook will succeed him, marking a new era not only for Apple but for gay progress.   Romantic interests: After Cook...
OMG! If Steve was alive, he would sue every employee from that store,...including the janitors!
"We told the publishers, 'We'll go to the agency model, where you set the price, and we get our 30 percent,'" Jobs told Isaacson. "And, yes, the customer pays a little more, but that's what you want anyway."   Guilty.
  Reread my post or the document I linked to. Samsung has the largest share of seminal patents. Samsung has more seminal patents than Nokia and Qualcomm combined.     Communication Reliability? Samsung 10, Nokia 1 & Qualcomm 4. Power management? 16, 3 & 4. Network Deployment? 16, 9 & 2 Data Transfer Rate? 451, 147 & 260 Spectra Efficiency? 678, 121 & 424     "Samsung, compared to its competitors, accelerated and increased its investments in 4G-LTE ahead of the curve (2001...
New Posts  All Forums: