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"The growth in R&D expense was driven by an increase in headcount and related expenses to support expanded R&D activities."   It's about time they paid their people more.  Everybody in Silicon Valley knows Apple salaries are not that competitive for the amount of work you do.  
  Oh yes it does matter. The sound quality of the Kindle Fire HD is far superior to any ipad.
  And another ass person doesn't realise Apple stock dropped over $100 the past 5 weeks and hasn't bottomed.       No matter what media... movies, music, books, photos or web pages look better and sound better on the Kindle Fire HD than any iPad at any price.
    With that logic, you expect people to buy a new iphone and upon opening the box, they should be happy finding a scratched, up worn out, refurb.
Interesting that Apple and publishers facing a nearly identical lawsuit in the EU have recently decided to settle without a trial.  Why did they do that? What is materially different in the EU case compared to DOJs?
  I read your post as congratulating someone for having a good experience, and 99.99% of upgraders should of had the same experience.
    According to Squaretrade, "Costs include iPhone repairs, replacement iPhones and iPhone insurance deductibles."  What price did they use for phone replacement? Most likely the unactivated price and some people may had more than 1 claim. Squaretrade had Survey Sampling International, conduct the survey.   More survey details can be found in the link. http://blog.squaretrade.com/
  Apple and publishers are settling now because they don't want to go to trial. They are not confident they will be proven innocent.
Steve Jobs has got to be the most deceitful person in corporate history. Who can trust anything he says?   Insults customers by telling them "Just don't hold it that way". http://www.engadget.com/2010/06/24/apple-responds-over-iphone-4-reception-issues-youre-holding-th/
Without collusion, Apple has no chance to compete with Amazon in ebook sales. Authors, the true talent in the book publishing industry, will ditch traditional publishers and self-publish their books on Amazon. As the publishers die off, Apple will have no books to sell.     Amazon has the Kindle Direct Publishing program where authors can bypass traditional publishers and sell their books on Kindle readers and devices with the Kindle app. That includes Kindle...
New Posts  All Forums: