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  Take your foot out of your mouth. Apple is copying Android. Encrypting has been a part of the Android OS for years.
 Do you have any proof to support that claim? A link will do.
Was Robin William's verse from the movie an audio clip from the movie or did he recite it for the commercial?
 Then how do you fill your Geek Squad reqs?
 ADD again? You didn't answer who killed video stores. It wasn't piracy. Where do you buy your music, movies and books from? You talk like you care about those businesses.If you say iTunes then it's hypocrites like you that put those stores out of business.
 There was a time where writers were at the mercy of the traditional book publisher. The writers had to kiss people's butts if they wanted to make a living. The publishers would decide which books got published and which books did not. The consumers only read what the publishers wanted them to read. Now with self publishing, whether it's on Amazon's or Apple's platform, the writers don't have to brown nose anymore to get their works published. They retain the rights to...
 Get one then realize why LCD is good for reading in the dark and horrible to use outside. "The good news is that the bookstores going out of business were the ones that didn’t feel like bookstores." <-That's Borders!
 Because they're myopic Apple Fanbois easily fooled by the Reality Distortion Field.It's ok for Apple to put record and video stores out of business but not ok for Amazon to do the same thing to publishers.
 Funny I don't hear you complaining about iTunes when they helped put record and video stores out of business. Apple is even in the ebook publishing business. Competing against the very group they colluded with. That is Antitrust. Your ADD getting to you? This was in my previous post."The good news is that the bookstores going out of business were the ones that didn’t feel like bookstores.""What you don’t often hear is that small independent bookstores have seen three...
 Glad that you asked. Yes they do! Vincent Zandri hails from the future. He is a novelist from the day after tomorrow, when Amazon has remade the worlds of writing, printing, selling and reading books so thoroughly that there is hardly anything left besides Amazon. Mr. Zandri, an author of mystery and suspense tales, is published by Thomas & Mercer, one of Amazon Publishing’s many book imprints. He is edited by Amazon editors and promoted by Amazon publicists to Amazon...
New Posts  All Forums: