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Kudos to GTAT for standing up to Apple and its "oppressive and burdensome" agreement! I hope GTAT can focus their energies on their primary business, sapphire equipment supplier, and bring their stock back to $8+ (where it was before signing the money losing agreement with Apple).
 I don't know. What pressure does your ipad mini, ipad air or whatever apple device you may own deform? Maybe you can ask Consumer Reports to do a comparison. I think it would be very interesting to see how other devices fare.http://web.consumerreports.org/customerservice/customer-service.html
 No, driving the center bar past the phone's breaking point caused it to slip. Any force data after the initial break is useless.CR's setup may not be as refined as apple's and will not report the same force granularity, but it will show which phones are weaker than others. What is 'normal usage'? Who gets to define that? Normal usage is shaped by the way consumers use the product.Unfortunately, too many consumers are easily swayed by a CEO telling them they're using it...
 The iphone 6 deforms at 70lbs. The iphone 5 deforms at 130lbs. 70/130= 53.8. The fact is, the 6/6+ are weaker and will bend with less force than most phones. 
 Consumer Report's 3 point flexural test setup is virtually identical to apple's 3 point bend test. http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/news/2014/09/consumer-reports-tests-iphone-6-bendgate/index.htmhttp://cdn1.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/1402098/DSCF7903.0.jpg  "The bottom line is that if you use enough force to bend an iPhone, or any phone, it's going to deform," says Dan Riccio, Apple's senior vice president of hardware engineering.  While that is true, he was...
 Care to explain?
 Idle speculation is the foundation of sites like this.
 "Apple Inc. dodged the iPhone 6 Plus BendGate bullet, detractors wounded by ricochet" Consumer Reports tested 6 phones. Their test method was virtually identical to how apple tests their products. They found the iphone 6/6+ are among the weakest. The iphone 6 and the HTC One both deforms at 70lbs. The 6+ deforms at 90lbs. The LG G3 and the iphone 5 both deforms at 130lbs The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 deforms at 150lbs. The iphone 6/6+ are clearly weaker than the 5. When it...
 True, but I doubt majority of them are apple shareholders. Only a few.
 Thank you for clarifying the clincher is "If you got them at a low price..." and not "...to come across either of these things."
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