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It would be nice to see it appear on sites like NYT and such...
I expect more sites to start using it.
Signal bars are relative. Do you think a phone with 5 bars, 1 mile from a cell tower, will have the same signal strength as a phone with 5 bars, 100 ft from a tower? If a phone is close enough to a tower, an antenna's poor performance becomes less of an issue. Now who's the one that doesn't have a clue? I'm not trying to defend Steve Jobs or Apple. I'm just trying to point out why it's not happening to all phones. I do think there is a fundamental flaw with the phone.
If you are in an area with a strong signal, it won't happen.
A new record for the iPhone 4....the shortest length of ownership.
Awsome! Someone pays $499(unbundled price) for what is being hyped as the coolest phone on the market, then they have to put $2 nail polish on it every week if they want to make or receive calls.
Nope. See post #22.
If they don't, are you going to give us bumpers?
Even when being used as a computer, having the SD slot in the back is far from being "convenient". Any of you have a device (camera, card reader, mac,...) with an SD slot? Try inserting a card with the slot facing away from you. Is it as easy as you thought? Now do it with important pictures on the card. I can see a lot of SD cards getting scratched up or worse, broken in half. Why don't the iMacs have a SD slot in the back?
My sentiments too. But both Steves should give him something. He was their mentor. Apple may not have been created without him.
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