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Carl, do you have any documentation that apple requested the unit or proof that they picked it up? If you do, you could appeal the ruling by pointing out to the judge that apple demanded the unit back, therefore it proves it was a real apple unit. After that, go back to the apple store and tell that genius he/she is a dipsh*t. Sample for evaluation, EVT, apple everywhere. And those guys from anandtech's forums, oh god!
Hell yes he was and yes he did! Plenty of articles out there to tell you you're wrong.
Really? Then you should have no problem showing us a MBP with a third party mlb, LCD display and top case. Yes they have. By demanding return of the product indicates it's a real prototype.
Are you saying the engineers at apple are not capable of designing, let alone building, a computer? Who does apple use as their third party manufacturer, Dell, HP? I agree the database the genius bar employees have access to only lists production units. But, they should have been able to look at the mlb's fit and finish as well as silkscreening to recognize it's an apple prototype.
"Opened machine to observe that nearly every internal part was third party; main logic board, optical drive, display, hard drive, top case, and others. Machine serial number (W8707003Y53) is also not recognized as a valid number," the Genius Bar repair sheet reportedly read. The person at the Genius bar was not a genius. How likely can someone install a third party main logic board, LCD display, top case, and others in a notebook? Virtually impossible.
Why wait for the book to read about Steve. There have been numerous articles written about him throughout the years.. At age 23, and already wealthy, Jobs fathered a child and for 2 years, while the mother was on welfare, he kept denying he was the father. He even went as far as signing a court documents stating he was "sterile and infertile, and as a result thereof, did not have the physical capacity to procreate a...
9/1/11 Corporate freeloaders make taxpayers pick up the tab http://www.mercurynews.com/opinion/c...nclick_check=1
Who was it that teamed up with Motorola to create a phone with ipod capabilities then 2 years later released their own phone?
The Apple employee, Anthony Colon, was impersonating a police officer. Anthony didn't do it by accident, he used to be a police sergeant! http://www.mercurynews.com/ci_18816728 ..."When they came to my house, they said they were SFPD. I thought they were SFPD. That's why I let them in." Calderón told the paper that he only agreed to the search because he assumed the two people conducting it were police officers. Calderón also told the paper that the people he...
Companies don't have a choice if they want to sell phones in Europe. December 30, 2010: The European Union has put the finishing touches on an agreement between major phone makers to use microUSB as a universal charging system. ...the European Commission has put the final touches on an agreement between fourteen leading phone manufacturers to standardize on charging via microUSB—and that should lead to a future of chargers compatible across a broad range of...
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