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Did apple enter those markets or create them? What I think Munster was trying to say is "When apple enters mature markets, their goal is to reinvent them."
The guy went through 9 mos of interviews before being hired. That means he was not in the top 200 applicants.
You're stupid if you believe every article written (mostly copy & pasted) by biased, AppleInsider staff. Anybody with half a brain knows they should verify their sources. If you checked out Flurry's website, you'll learn that they don't give a rat's ass about who's winning the mobile wars. That is why they didn't breakdown the numbers between Android and iOS in their free report. All they care about is selling you their analytic services.
Oh really? Apple sells pizza in their cafeteria and it constantly has the longest lines. So long that Apple has added a second pizza oven outside. Even with the second oven, it still has the longest lines. There's rarely a line for the sushi. In fact, the hamburger line and the burrito line attract way more people than the sushi.
You call him "authentic"? Rational people would call him bi-polar.
Nope, read about them being at Apple, Anthony Colon, Apple's Senior Investigator. You know, the one that went in to someone's house without properly identifying himself and now Apple is going to be sued.http://forums.appleinsider.com/showthread.php?t=137941
If you were to ask Siri where the closest coffee shop is, do you want her to tell you the closest one or the one that paid for an ad?
Yes it is. Since iAd is only on iOS devices, and iOS devices have a 28% market share, shouldn't iAd have 28% market share as well?
Where do you think that income is coming from? Advertisers! Advertisers feel they are not getting their money's worth with iAd.Give iOS app developers a larger cut? Wrong perspective to have if you want to iAd to survive. It's already a problem.
iArrogant- When iAd launched July 2010, Apple originally asked marketers to commit to spend at least $1 million dollars. Today, less than 1.5yrs later $300,000. iBlunder- Apple has also introduced more flexibility to a pricing structure that had befuddled advertisers, ad executives say. Instead of charging marketers every time a user taps on an ad—a policy which often led to ad budgets quickly being exhausted—Apple is willing to put a cap on what it charges for the...
New Posts  All Forums: