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  My god, it took you 3 days to come up with this convulated BS! This has nothing to do with torts. It's not ok to break the law because you "think" you are preventing someone else from breaking the law.Your logic would be... "If I see someone that looks like a hoodlum in my neighborhood, I should shoot him before he robs my house."  This lawsuit is about conspiring with competitors to reduce employee pay by eliminating competition for skilled labor. They broke Antitrust...
 Steve Jobs initiated an agreement between companies to not hire regular employees (engineers, programmers...) from each other. Having an agreement is against the law.  More than 60,000 tech workers can seek monetary damages from Apple (AAPL), Intel (INTC), Google (GOOG) andAdobe Systems (ADBE) because of a federal judge's ruling in a suit claiming that former Apple CEO Steve Jobs conspired with other local executives to limit the workers' pay by barring them from moving...
 Do you even know what the illegal No Poach Agreement was about?
 It is the same. It's about 'principles of basic human dignity' and treating people equally.
 Yet guys like Tim Cook stood around and did nothing with the No Poach Agreements.Today, Apple is claiming they should not have to pay damages.Tim is such a great guy!  /s
 That's BS.No other company but Apple dictates how much profit suppliers allowed to have.
  And look at what they did to their own employees, No Poach Agreements.
 They are growing the business.   
 Force Wall Street to return to reality? You're the one that needs to come back to reality. More of people believe in Amazon and its growth potential than Apple.Amazon has $4.98 billion operating cash flow, over 109,000 full-time and part-time employees, 70,000 seasonal contract employees, more than 2,400 education institutions and 600 government agencies as AWS customers.
 As I said back in July, AAPL is a dog.  You guys fell for the AAPL hype. Today's closing price is just $2 more than it was Jan 2, 2013. At $550, how long do you think it will take to double? 1 year? 2 years?  There are so many stocks out there that can give you much better returns. Year to date, AMZN is up $135, that's over 52% increase.SCTY $38.53, over 310% increase.SPWR $24.06, over 390% increase.TSLA $88.81, over 250% increase.
New Posts  All Forums: