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 The amount of money Apple donates is laughable compared to what other companies with far less money donate. That's why they don't like to talk about it.
 So that's the reason why he stopped Apple's philanthropic programs when he became CEO?
 Let's see who's stupid... Didn't Steve stopped Apple's philanthropic programs when he became CEO? Apple can certainly do more when comparing them to other companies with far less money. Safeway Foundation  http://www.safewayfoundation.org/our-foundation/index.html HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICESWe sponsor organizations that are engaged in health research and nutritional programs. The Safeway Foundation's contributions finance medical research and programs that improve the lives...
Both Apple and Samsung require the user to go through virtually identical steps, albeit in slightly different order, before they can enable the lock.   On iOS7 the user goes to Settings>>iCloud>>Sign In or Get Free Apple ID and then turn on Find My iPhone. It even asks the user "Allow iCloud to Use the Location of Your iPhone? This enables Find My iPhone features, including the ability to show the location of this iPhone on a map." According to Dilger’s screenshots,...
Not every section of an assembly line requires the high level of cleanliness that LCD displays, cover glass or cameras require.
 It is not worth the time nor money, for industrial machine manufacturers to start writing programs for Mac when the hardware costs more and there are fewer programmers. Just look to the number of game titles for Mac as an example.
 And yet you still can't understand how No Poach Agreements are illegal. You must have been a good Yes Man,  http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=yes+man&defid=3209437
 You really need to stop getting your news from an Apple site, evidence has been made public years ago. The case wouldn't have gotten this far if there wasn't any solid evidence. In 2010 the US Justice Department filed a lawsuit against Adobe, Apple, Google, et al to stop their illegal no poach agreements. Due to the damning evidence, the companies agreed to stop their illegal activity. Using the same evidence, the 5 plaintiffs are suing for damages. Those of us with...
 Giving 2 hours of your time hardly impressive. Employees do it all the time. Now matching the bid would be.
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