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I am shocked to see you actually attempted a reply when no good reply was possible.       Quote: Originally Posted by Tallest Skil    Right and a single H-IPS panel of 2560x1440 looks worse than two TN panels of 640x480.   I'm talking actual tests run on the sound coming out of the speakers, not "this one has one, that one has two; that one is better".   And as secondary questions that I am adding now and drawing attention to the fact that I am...
    Wow, what a two-faced, backstabbing CEO and company.   Amazon needs to research this.
  I'm not quoting any ad disguised as a spec sheet, these are real life observations.     Anybody that knows audio, knows the farther the speakers are placed apart, the better stereo imaging you'll get. Phone or tablet is irrelevant. The speakers on the Kindle Fire HD are about 22.5cms apart. How far apart are they on the mini? About 4cm.     ---WARNING!   WARNING!  Reality Distortion Field Disruptor Ahead  WARNING!   WARNING!---   Amazon published "single speaker"...
    And they were right.
  Compared to the 8.9" Kindle Fire HD (which sells $30-$60 less than the mini), you'll see a bigger display, better resolution with true 1080p reproduction. Just drag and drop mp4, m4v & mkv videos and start watching. No waiting for itunes to down convert then sync.    Whatever you are viewing on the Kindle Fire HD, can be displayed at 1080p on a flat screen TV with a standard $10 (or less) microHDMI cable. With the mini you have to buy a $49 Apple adapter plus an HDMI...
Besides screwing their customers and competitors, Apple screwed their own employees.
Who's responsibility it is to make sure you put unleaded in your car instead of diesel?   If a customer gets Amazon and Apple confused, that's their fault. If a customer purchases an app from the wrong store, how much money are they out, 99¢? BFD! And are they going to keep buying fron the wrong store? Apple must feel their customers are stupid.
  I wouldn't want that happen to any child. It's not often that someone actually meets a person that had a rough childhood. I may have met others, but you're the first to admit it. It sounds like you understand what your childhood was like and are dealing with it in a mature way.
  Regular crayons weren't?   What will it be in an abnormal household?
  Absolutely. That "foreign" subsidiary was created by, wholly controlled by, receives support by, and benefits, an American company. The profits from the foreign subsidiary are included in who's quarterly reports which are filed where?     Legal or illegal is irrelevant. The tax law is screwed up and it needs to be fixed. If other companies are using the loophole, then they are just as slimy as Apple.     Who needs numbers? They currently pay near $0, it obviously needs...
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