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  And look at what they did to their own employees, No Poach Agreements.
 They are growing the business.   
 Force Wall Street to return to reality? You're the one that needs to come back to reality. More of people believe in Amazon and its growth potential than Apple.Amazon has $4.98 billion operating cash flow, over 109,000 full-time and part-time employees, 70,000 seasonal contract employees, more than 2,400 education institutions and 600 government agencies as AWS customers.
 As I said back in July, AAPL is a dog.  You guys fell for the AAPL hype. Today's closing price is just $2 more than it was Jan 2, 2013. At $550, how long do you think it will take to double? 1 year? 2 years?  There are so many stocks out there that can give you much better returns. Year to date, AMZN is up $135, that's over 52% increase.SCTY $38.53, over 310% increase.SPWR $24.06, over 390% increase.TSLA $88.81, over 250% increase.
  "Jobs’s purchase of an e-book for $14.99 at the Launch, and his explanation to a reporter that day that Amazon’s $9.99 price for the same book would be irrelevant because soon all prices will “be the same” is further evidence that Apple understood and intended that Amazon’s ability to set retail prices would soon be eliminated. When Jobs told his biographer the next day that, in light of the MFN, the Publisher Defendants “went to Amazon and said, ‘You’re going to sign...
Since apple lost the case, I wonder if consumers can sue apple for damages?
Apple Inc. (AAPL) Has Slim Chance On E-Book Appeal: Legal Experts   Apple Vowed To Appeal Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) through its spokesperson, Tom Neumayr vowed to appeal the ruling of U.S. District Judge Denise Cote and strongly maintained the argument that the tech giant did nothing wrong instead it promoted innovation and competition.   According to legal scholars, Judge Cote’s decision was heavily based on facts and laws were meticulously applied,...
aapl is a dog. P/E ratios, market cap and margins don't mean shit. If you purchased $5,000 worth of aapl and amzn at the beginning of 2013, today, July 11th, your aapl stock would be worth $3,888 (22% loss), your amzn would be $5817 (16% gain). There are plenty of other stocks that will give you much better returns. Using the same scenario as above, if you bought tsla, it would be worth $17,857. scty, $17,916. Both over 255% gains. spwr $20,833 with 316% gains. All of...
 You know nothing about the lawsuit.Apple's ebooks to apps to music earnings ratio is irrelevant to the case.Ebook prices will go down. Lower prices benefit consumers. Duh!
    That is NOT the entire case in a nut shell.   With the help of Apple, publishers collectively(conspired) forced Amazon to adopt the Agency model and simultaneously raising prices(price fixing) for consumers.   Antitrust laws were created to protect consumers, not businesses.
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