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  I read your post as congratulating someone for having a good experience, and 99.99% of upgraders should of had the same experience.
    According to Squaretrade, "Costs include iPhone repairs, replacement iPhones and iPhone insurance deductibles."  What price did they use for phone replacement? Most likely the unactivated price and some people may had more than 1 claim. Squaretrade had Survey Sampling International, conduct the survey.   More survey details can be found in the link. http://blog.squaretrade.com/
  Apple and publishers are settling now because they don't want to go to trial. They are not confident they will be proven innocent.
Steve Jobs has got to be the most deceitful person in corporate history. Who can trust anything he says?   Insults customers by telling them "Just don't hold it that way". http://www.engadget.com/2010/06/24/apple-responds-over-iphone-4-reception-issues-youre-holding-th/
Without collusion, Apple has no chance to compete with Amazon in ebook sales. Authors, the true talent in the book publishing industry, will ditch traditional publishers and self-publish their books on Amazon. As the publishers die off, Apple will have no books to sell.     Amazon has the Kindle Direct Publishing program where authors can bypass traditional publishers and sell their books on Kindle readers and devices with the Kindle app. That includes Kindle...
Marvin, I understand how different professions have different male to female ratios. I'm not disputing that nor am I blaming anyone for that.   Here's the original post that started it all. While Tallest's successive posts were not as sexist, he hasn't taken ownership (responsibility), for the first one.      
    Tallest Skil will delete your posts if he doesn't like them. Even if they do not violate TOS.  But he somehow leaves his that violate TOS. Claiming he was not part of a conversation is bs. I can show you a conversation where he was a part of, but he deleted my post that did not violate TOS.
    It's most likely a made up number, a lie. Let's see how long it takes him to provide reasonably credible proof.
  The only person that believes that statement is you.
  If you have such great standards and know all aspects of Apple's business, then get a job there. Tell them how to run their business.   Yes that's sexism and you should care.   I should drop this vendetta? Are you going to do something to me? You just made a thinly veiled threat to a member. You violated AI's TOS, http://forums.appleinsider.com/a/terms-of-service. I don't think AI would want a moderator behaving like that.   What do you think would happen to your Global...
New Posts  All Forums: