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  You of all people, trying to call someone else idiotic for saying things without evidence?  Simply unbelievable.   Do you have a reading comprehension problem? Show me where I claimed every apple user updates at every revision. I said "I know people don't have to upgrade every year, but most Apple users can't stop themselves".   Seeing numerous post here, other forums and in the news is why I think that. Maybe if you didn't spend 7 days a week here posting 1500 flippant...
You would think, with all that money he has, he would get rid of that mole.
  Most adults know when to not take things literally.   Since when do I have to know somebody that does it, before for it can be true? I don't know any murderers, but I know they're out there.   I never said it was unique to Apple enthusiasts. But at least you finally confirmed it does happen to them.
  I find it hard to believe you still can't make the connection.   Of course Apple (or any company), do not control it's customers in the literal sense, but they do control them, or to a lesser degree, influence them with marketing hype.
  You're putting words in my mouth. I said, "I know people don't have to upgrade every year, but most Apple users can't stop themselves...."  Adding or replacing is irrelevant, they're still upgrading.   I agree.
"The iPad mini is forecast to get off to a strong but modest start this weekend with sales of up to 1.5 million units..."   But they neglect to tell you they're including presales which started 1 week ago.
  Of course not, but a lot of people here will believe it can.
  It's good you have an open mind and are willing to try it.  Most people on these boards are not.   There have been many posts from people saying they can't wait to buy the latest gadget. It give's them the excuse to hand down the current gadget to their spouse or kid.
  ALL types of media, whether it’s movies, music, books, photos or web pages, look better and sound better on the Kindle Fire HD than any iPad     Amazon was incorrect because they got their information from Apple's spec page. Best speaker placement on any tablet would be the landscape side. And that's how Amazon put them on the Fire HD.     WRONG. You are factually incorrect like Amazon was. Should we hang you too?   ipad2 speaker assembly from ifixit.  I count 4...
I was commenting about how the whole speaker setup on the ipads are terrible.   I know you don't want to, but after listening to a Fire, you might like it.   I know people don't have to upgrade every year, but most Apple users can't stop themselves. Apple is controlling them like a drug dealer does his addicts.
New Posts  All Forums: