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As soon as Apple ships iPad with iTouch sensor then we will buy 4x units immediately. Based on antocedal evidence, I suspect there are others with the same thought. Next.
Amazon's plan takes all the consumer backlash/pressure off of Amazon -- and then transfers all the remaining pressure on to Hachette. Doesn't sound like a good deal. I hope Hachette does not go along. EDIT: I'm of the opinion that Amazon shifted their position because the PR image of Amazon blocking sales made Amazon look like the monopolistic bully that it really is.
Geez.... I meant Mecedes. As in "Loooord, woun't you buy me a Mercedes Benz"
Volkswagen. Get w the program. "...otherwise the three- pointed star will win 'ma heart". (Sung to some country tune or another)
YMMV. Our SoCal Costco parking lot is loaded 50% with Cayannes, Bentley, BMW, Mercedes and Lexus -- and carries inventory appropriate to the target audience. It's spotless and neat w great cust svc. If you have a lousy Costco perhaps moving to a better neighborhood would improve your perception.
Any word on if this can work for small business were BYO employees arrive with their own Apple ID on their phone/iPad? I'd want to end their access privilidges when they leave
There are tons of buildings and canyon locations with horrible LTE/xG coverage but great WiFi. Think of this in relationship to hospital basements, homes and businesses along PCH, the canyons in the Santa Monica Mountains, Malibu and portions of many big city office buildings
These apps need to work with more than just iCloud as the common storage reservoir. iCloud is not certifiable for medical records, referral documents and other such confidential data. These apps need to support Dropbox and or Box where work teams can get HIPPA- compliant agreements from the cloud vendor.
Ditto. Our great big Samsung is never directly connected to the internet. The honor of a wired 1G Ethernet cable goes to our Apple TV. It IS a matter of trust & proven software update practices
Yes. At the patient's home or office we use our EHR app to create patient chart, send eRx, view labs, share photos (secure app) w rest of medical team, issue doctors orders, take payment and more. An LTE connection is very snappy since apps run native on both iPhone and IPad -- but a 3G service is still usable.Frankly the only thing that is tough is writing the doctor's orders in the field. Time for MS to open up beyond their own cloud. The point is that one of the two...
New Posts  All Forums: