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I want two things from my merchant processing company: 1. The ability to take Apple Pay in the field (along w chipped cards) 2. The merchant processor to provide a way for a link in our web page to process Apple Pay. Often staff and customer are in the field at location X, while the customer's family member is paying from location Y that is 50, 600, or 1,000 miles away (roughly LA, SF, Phoenix, or Denver)
As a mobile merchant I want a way to TAKE Apple Pay. Supported transaction volume has to be well over $10k per month An iPad as NFC terminal, or perhaps web code supported by a hosting service like Go Daddy or provided by a payment processor like Go Payment. I want it soon.
iPhone 6 Plus for BBW and rotund males /s
As soon as Apple ships iPad with iTouch sensor then we will buy 4x units immediately. Based on antocedal evidence, I suspect there are others with the same thought. Next.
Amazon's plan takes all the consumer backlash/pressure off of Amazon -- and then transfers all the remaining pressure on to Hachette. Doesn't sound like a good deal. I hope Hachette does not go along. EDIT: I'm of the opinion that Amazon shifted their position because the PR image of Amazon blocking sales made Amazon look like the monopolistic bully that it really is.
Geez.... I meant Mecedes. As in "Loooord, woun't you buy me a Mercedes Benz"
Volkswagen. Get w the program. "...otherwise the three- pointed star will win 'ma heart". (Sung to some country tune or another)
YMMV. Our SoCal Costco parking lot is loaded 50% with Cayannes, Bentley, BMW, Mercedes and Lexus -- and carries inventory appropriate to the target audience. It's spotless and neat w great cust svc. If you have a lousy Costco perhaps moving to a better neighborhood would improve your perception.
Any word on if this can work for small business were BYO employees arrive with their own Apple ID on their phone/iPad? I'd want to end their access privilidges when they leave
There are tons of buildings and canyon locations with horrible LTE/xG coverage but great WiFi. Think of this in relationship to hospital basements, homes and businesses along PCH, the canyons in the Santa Monica Mountains, Malibu and portions of many big city office buildings
New Posts  All Forums: