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Read carefully people. The donated iPads are going to the teachers for use in the classroom. It's ok if your lips move as you read if that increases comprehension.
Quickster = New Coke = massive fail "Goodbye Netflix and goodbye Qwikster". Was a great quote earlier in the thread. Oh, lookie here.... I mis-spelled their new company name in my first sentence even after seeing it 30+ times. What they fail to understand is that I as a customer do NOT want: Two queues, Two logins Two websites, Two places to update for address, credit card... I was barely OK with the 60% price hike because I expected Netflix to go out and buy new &...
"...dis-synergies" Yep. That's why those spokespersons are paid the moderately big bucks.
Yep. The 3GS makes a great kid phone just because of the breakage, Uno, dos, tres, quatro cinco.... Made the family decision much easier.** Parental units not bound to that concept.
It just takes discipline.
HP is STILL running TV commercials at this moment that promote "HP Touchpads starting at $399" What a collection of idiots. At least change the copy... "PC division for sale". Or "potential mobile OS for sale, cheap"
Down 10% of (make up a number) 2 million = down 200,000 units Up 5% of 100 million = up 5 million units Insufficient data in the story to make great comparisons between the carriers unless you know the starting points. However, you could make an educated guess about the patterns inside a single carrier.
No, Elvis has left the building.
Apple popularized the graphical user interface. That's three. Otherwise you'd still be typing DOS or CPM commands.
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