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Netgear "soursa" is a dual raid drive w Ethernet port. It supports time machine and is cheap at (from memory) $169 at Best Buy. It's really a NAS with a simplified interface. Wasn't quite what I was looking for, so no hands on experience. Seems they made some interface trade offs regarding music streaming (browser). But... you said RAID backups were you key need. My Book Live II also does two drive RAID fairly inexpensively - Frys at $199
Is this a typo that reverses the meaning of the prior sentence? "....Mike Abramsky of RBC Capital Markets believes the Nokia-Microsoft partnership may actually accelerate share gains from Apple." Based on the prior sentence is the intent actually "...share gains FOR Apple." ??
At $30 per month, I'd be awfully tempted to buy the youngest kid of mine an iPhone just to eliminate the carrier's recurring charges.
Because installing a Windows app often needs a call to tech support in order to complete. The Mac apps typically do not.
Are you saying that you don't believe AT&T got their monies worth based on the results of their claimed investment?
That's incorrect. iOS does ask if the app uses your contact data. Example: Nuance's Dragon Dictation which improves my personal voice recognition spelling by reading the contact list. I ended up creating a contact record for my dog just so the speech recognition engine's accuracy improved.
Wait... RIM wants to allow someone else to remote wipe my entire personal device just because they have a sandboxes corp email app on my phone -- that I pay for? I don't think so. Glad my corp elected to use Good Tech
Makes it easier for the user to know which end is up.
It's not magic. Apple innovates, executes and controls costs. Most oher major companies only focus on cost cutting
I understood that up front, and should have at least touched on those facts. My point is only that assembly is not the majority of the value in the product AND that after the Japan twin disasters it's also clear that concentration of manufacturing in a single economy may not be in everyone's best interests.
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