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LMAO. If you give your password tied to a credit card to a minor, you are on your own. (And demonstrating poor judgement at the same time.)
It wasn't a security guard. Detailed coverage says the robbers drew a gun on a retired sheriff's detective hired by Apple. Instant fail, and yes the bad guy earned that reaction.
+1 and get a more personal experience as a result.
+1 As a business person I just ordered the HDMI out cable for iPad to do exactly this. I'd LOVE it if even 25% of the locations I visited had an AirPlay-enabled large screen TV. Get it into 50% of the locations I present and I'm likely start to acting like a politician and start kissing babies and shaking hands
What demise? I use both platforms and don't see them as interchangeable in my life. Mac sales are up, ummm, slightly. (last sentence is sarcasm for the uninitiated)
Because you can see more letters on the screen. (sarcasm)edit: And I AM a NYTimes reader now
Still photo quality not high enough? I beg to differ, 'cause my D90, a D5000 or Leica M9 make great quality stills. FaceTime is a video conference tool, not a still camera. Even my iPhone 4 is not a still camera. ....Moronic reviewers should think before inserting foot.
"...abandon their Zune users to create a new music store..." Yep, that's a great way to inspire confidence that: 1. MS stuff will work together. 2. Assuring customers that customer purchases of digital media will be usable on future generations of MS solutions. MS fail.
Lesbians? Lima? (phonetic alphabet) Lazy? (referring to other posters)
That's because they are opening the kimono.
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