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Or is it really Cabaltown?
Making or licensing an expanded Apple TV card to HDTV set mfgs solves the issue of opening the HDTV market -- allowing them to sell the razor blades (content) rather than low margin razors (the large HDTV sets)
What an idiot. Perhaps license Apple TV as an internal card JUST to bring/expand the wonderful interface to HDTV sets, but not actually jump into low margin TV mfg. Then the analyst goes on to prove his stupidity by proposing to undermine the genius bar that so differentiates the Apple brand
Sony epics: Beta iLink Memory Stick (Blue ray schick too) a few small hacks and/or security breaches and now the new, non-standard, soon to be overrun Sony Lightfart/Little Thunderdongle thingy There's also a bunch of Sony DRM and other small stuff all to insignificant to mention.
"in July." With iCloud to give a substantial amount of independence as to where and how you are able to work. Wouldn't the 4th of July, Independence Day, just be a kick as launch day for the new MacBook Airs? Absolutely no other rumor or support for that idea. It just seems to be a great choice of days.
+1 Nobody held a gun to my head to buy Macs ( currently 8 in the two households). It was a fair price for the quality. Time is money to me -- so no Windows plastic cheepo for me.
Netgear "soursa" is a dual raid drive w Ethernet port. It supports time machine and is cheap at (from memory) $169 at Best Buy. It's really a NAS with a simplified interface. Wasn't quite what I was looking for, so no hands on experience. Seems they made some interface trade offs regarding music streaming (browser). But... you said RAID backups were you key need. My Book Live II also does two drive RAID fairly inexpensively - Frys at $199
Is this a typo that reverses the meaning of the prior sentence? "....Mike Abramsky of RBC Capital Markets believes the Nokia-Microsoft partnership may actually accelerate share gains from Apple." Based on the prior sentence is the intent actually "...share gains FOR Apple." ??
At $30 per month, I'd be awfully tempted to buy the youngest kid of mine an iPhone just to eliminate the carrier's recurring charges.
Because installing a Windows app often needs a call to tech support in order to complete. The Mac apps typically do not.
New Posts  All Forums: