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These apps need to work with more than just iCloud as the common storage reservoir. iCloud is not certifiable for medical records, referral documents and other such confidential data. These apps need to support Dropbox and or Box where work teams can get HIPPA- compliant agreements from the cloud vendor.
Ditto. Our great big Samsung is never directly connected to the internet. The honor of a wired 1G Ethernet cable goes to our Apple TV. It IS a matter of trust & proven software update practices
Yes. At the patient's home or office we use our EHR app to create patient chart, send eRx, view labs, share photos (secure app) w rest of medical team, issue doctors orders, take payment and more. An LTE connection is very snappy since apps run native on both iPhone and IPad -- but a 3G service is still usable.Frankly the only thing that is tough is writing the doctor's orders in the field. Time for MS to open up beyond their own cloud. The point is that one of the two...
Both Microsoft and Apple need to have these Office (or iWorks) apps work with something other than their own basic cloud service. Neither solution is appropriate for medical HIPPA-compliant storage. Our entire mobile practice for all providers runs on iPhones, iPads and MacBooks -- nothing else. We are able to work effectively on a modest 3G cellular connection.
"....terminating TestFlight's Android support and deprecating access.." Music to my ears
Apple plus PayPal? Not if Apple wants to keep my credit card connected
If the NSA requires physical contact then the target list is pretty short. After all, they are not landing UPS & FedEX cargo planes at Area 51 for some fuel and a big cargo wrap-up party
The real issue with this may be that relevant apps are not displayed simply because the developer does not yet have an iPad only version. For example Asana is a great team and business to-do task management application. But -- it's still an iPhone sized app. If it causes Asana's developers to get off their butt and complete an iPad version, that's great. If it causes 15,000,000 businesses to miss the fact that they can use Asana, that's bad
However if I'm visiting a friend's house then it's instantly easy to introduce the crowd to. "House of Cards" or "Borgia"
Run a wire.
New Posts  All Forums: