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Let's start with no-hot-swap-anything. Not for power supply, not for drives, nada. That's why a mini is a poor server infrastructure.Oh, and it's not 1U either
This insurance company DAMN well better be MY employer. And if it's not, please have your recruiter call me directly.
Except that recording a "silent" few seconds as the default ring tone doesn't solve the need to be silent at work and noisy in the rest of the real world.
My next purchase is holding for FaceTime on the iPad. Oh, and if Apple wants to shove in more "pixie dust" then go for it. (See, that's much faster than typing out the multitude of engineering approaches that could result in faster performance at the same or lower thermal generation)
Let's not drive down the political alley on this one. Just congratulations for work very well done, and for setting a bar high enough that the rest of the (retail) world can only stand there and gasp (or drool in envy).
Maybe it's just late and I'm not paying close enough attention. BUT, I don't see "silent" as a ring choice. Vibrate can be turned on in the general sounds pref, but it still has an associated ring tone. So what were you trying to describe?That also doesn't solve the need for mostly silent ring at work and normal behavior everyplace else.
My gf is a doctor & a mom. Like any parent in a high-intensity career she has a need to keep her iPhone set on silent for much of the time. She's said a number of times that as a parent she would LOVE to have a few phone numbers able to be identified as ones that would ring even when the phone is set on silent: the ER, child A child B their school.... Possible? Anyone want to give her hope? ("...You'd sell a skidzillion". And the feature would "define a...
Added parking for developers come to plead their case following Mac App Store screening. (sarcasm, don't get spun up)
yahoo............. (As in the cowboy yell of joy, not the crappy internet company who can't figure out how to effectively update their own IM software) Mac to Mac works great, Mac to iPhone works great. My kid's on the east coast and I'm going to wake his butt up and tell him to go install it. Ditto for the gf (for much different reasons) P Wish list: Windows version Publish the open standard Talk Yahoo into integrating this into their IM...
Set up a second apple ID tied to a different email address
New Posts  All Forums: