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It seems you are NOT yet ready to submit your resume for the position of "Manager of Amorphous Metal Development". Then again, neither am I. Anyone have a serious answer to his Q?
Must mean not enough H2O and/or body fat. Congrats on your good health -- and not being a fat complaining pig.
Hmmmm. Is this a demo opportunity for Apple's new southern server farm?
The pitch would actually be "our ads don't intrude." Or, "....our ads don'd f### up your web experience."
He's apparently a fiscal conservative and a social liberal.
Hmmm.... My two girlfriends both know about each other, like for us all to triple date together, and all of us have iPhones. Plus, I pay attention and we are heavily committed emotionally.
Apple sez: "Here's a check, now be quiet for a while..."
If that's correct, many of the bluetooth headsets will force a re-connect simply by tapping the call control button, aka "answer" button (assumption is that you walked out of range). Does that get you reconnected?
Headset comparison My quest continues for an iPhone headset with noise-canceling mic that is capable of handling a professional conversation. Mostly I'm looking for a full-time replacement for a land line in a mobile professional sales environment. By that I mean a sales conversation that might include discussions over "would you prefer one million or two?" Or "how do you feel about the risks of _____?". I figure that if the issues are are noticeable in the first...
New Posts  All Forums: