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I was involved in carrier negotiations in the past. The issue is that the cellular carriers feel they can:1. Monetize apps that they control over and above the data plan price (i.e. AT&T Navigator at $10 per month, Vz's flawed music store).2. Use the carrier controlled apps (crap-ware) to make "their" smartphone act and feel different to the user. Ivory tower cellular execs feel this will help them avoid being a dumb pipe and elevate the value of their brand WITHOUT...
Printing to "shared" printers directly attached to a running Mac or PC is a crap solution. I buy network printers to off load the work to a e-star device that sleeps until needed. That was one household, 6 Macs and two corp WinPCees. One network B&W and one network color. I'll happily deal with drivers in order to get my iPhones and iPads to print to those network devices (BTW the other household has six iPhones, three (soon to be four) Macs and one WinPCeee. Same...
It seems you are NOT yet ready to submit your resume for the position of "Manager of Amorphous Metal Development". Then again, neither am I. Anyone have a serious answer to his Q?
Must mean not enough H2O and/or body fat. Congrats on your good health -- and not being a fat complaining pig.
Hmmmm. Is this a demo opportunity for Apple's new southern server farm?
The pitch would actually be "our ads don't intrude." Or, "....our ads don'd f### up your web experience."
He's apparently a fiscal conservative and a social liberal.
Hmmm.... My two girlfriends both know about each other, like for us all to triple date together, and all of us have iPhones. Plus, I pay attention and we are heavily committed emotionally.
Apple sez: "Here's a check, now be quiet for a while..."
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