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They took Lala's top search rankings off the table, removing a key threat to iTunes.
Soooo, Southwest Airlines?
I druther whine one about Southwest Airlines not getting there. In fact I'd like to complain about SWA not even thinking that it's important to get it done and join those of us in the digital age. Come on guys take some time out in between the stewardess jokes -- get the software app done
For example, these comments used to be unreadable. http://forums.appleinsider.com/t/154727/ifixit-dings-new-21-5-inch-imac-for-low-repairability-as-shipping-times-increase Much improved now.
It's probably the comments below the news articles that give me so much trouble. In the past, the news article would be formatted very well for the iPhone. But then you get the comments -- and all of a sudden they text is too wide to effectively fit on the iPhone. If you shrink it down to fit then it it's too small to read. I ended up having to scroll back and forth which basically meant I never went to the comments. Ever.
Thx. Nice job. Did this also fix the poor layout on the news pages (when you drop down into the comments section) ?
At long last the mobile version is accessible on my iPhone. I have no idea why other people saw it first. But I'm glad it's here at last for me
Market assumptions may not understand the current political will. There is also the possibility that capital gains rates are restructured to favor more long-term investments, while hiking the short-term rates. Define short-term as anything under three years, then step the rate down to even lower levels for investment held for longer periods of time. That would actually increase the stock value of a company like Apple who plays the long game.
Foxconn just released a statement that this particular facility has no connection to work done for Apple. It apparently does do assembly for some other PeeeCeee vendor.
  The app is called   "April Fools"  But it's commonly known by it's street name:  "Boom Boom"
New Posts  All Forums: