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Market assumptions may not understand the current political will. There is also the possibility that capital gains rates are restructured to favor more long-term investments, while hiking the short-term rates. Define short-term as anything under three years, then step the rate down to even lower levels for investment held for longer periods of time. That would actually increase the stock value of a company like Apple who plays the long game.
Foxconn just released a statement that this particular facility has no connection to work done for Apple. It apparently does do assembly for some other PeeeCeee vendor.
  The app is called   "April Fools"  But it's commonly known by it's street name:  "Boom Boom"
"digitalclips 2012/09/25 05:54am hill60 wrote: I wonder how much Google will charge for it.... ...It will be free. The business model Google has is simply give crap away free and sit back and collect ad sales money on volume usage." No. Google started charging vendors who use their maps API starting at least a year ago. Google was charging the largest users the most. Care to guess where Apple ranked in that list of who gets charged the most by Google....
At last. Someone with a real perspective on the issues and what it will take. I disagree with some of the courses of action the author feels Apple might take (consultants, the acquired companies and such), but at least he's identifying the issues that caused the problems. (Source link at the bottom of the post) "...I had a call from Marc Prioleau of Prioleau Advisors this morning and speaking with him prompted me to look into the uproar over Apple’s problems with its...
The London thief was not very knowledgeable about digital devices. Otherwise, he would've stolen 256 of them
And what about Southwest Airlines? Let's get on the ball SWA. I just moved the Doc's cross country travel this week to United Airlines over the lack of Passbook support.... And the Doc bought an upgraded seat through the app on United This is the kind of functionality that makes a difference to customers -- and causes them to take their money and go someplace else if it's not supported
Stop whining and punch the button marked "Report a problem"   Maps, all maps, since before Christopher Columbus all improved with more users and more use.  Get over it.
An unlocked and unsubsidized iPhone at $200 would accelerate carrier switching away from carriers (AT&T and well, AT&T and somewhat from Verizon) when those carriers fail to deliver what customer's want.   A $200 unlocked unit that would deliver FaceTime over 3G would would be a huge motivator to switch.      Having carriers abuse Apple customers less often is a good goal for Apple.  
I'd like to see a class action lawsuit on the following:  I have paid for the bits in my monthly data charge.  Those bits are paid for, my property, and are not subject to AT&T telling me how each bit can be used -- and these bits do not expire (roll-over data bucket).
New Posts  All Forums: