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The new format is unreadable on an iPhone 4s as soon as you jump to the comments section.  The new layout does NOT allow the reader to pinch zoom the size of text -- as a result the article is formatted fine BUT the much wider actual comments are so much wider as to be unreadable.   If this was done so that AI can insert an advertising on the top right (next to the article), then this needs to be done differently.   Why not insert the ad below the article at the...
I do, and I recognize that the design compromises required to support another radio would lessen the user experience that Apple insists on delivering today (size, battery life) . When a market segment is more expensive to support, it waits.
Of course why bother to encourage the Chinese use of proprietary 3G signaling They just did it to avoid paying royalties. Let China Mobile hurry to build out their LTE service in order to carry the iPhone, and let the other two chinese carriers get as many world-standard 3G customers as they can sign up.
This is "visual SIP" (session initiation protocal) for humans
"Let's play a game with Google shall we? Let's play 'Thermonuclear war'." "OK" [RETURN]
I thought there was a radio difference between the 4 and 4S ?   No?
No need for the iPhone hardware to slap you for that "grope".. Siri will respond just fine on her own.
I will not make light of someone else's misfortune, even though I started the very first Mac user group way back when and then continued to buy apple products through all the good and bad years.  I heard all the verbal abuse all along the way.   The fault for this failure to perform and lack of leadership at RIM belongs to RIM's senior management, not the rank and file employees who will get hurt the most.   Every senior exec in the world should be asking themselves...
I don't think the critical discussion points for this next iPhone model really revolve around memory.     Far more critical to rapid adoption will be what the carriers offer as data plan choices and how those are supported in the new iPhone.     For example: - even if the new iPhone supports LTE, can the user with a grandfathered 3G unlimited plan still force the iPhone to stay on 3G and retain the existing plan - will the carriers offer shared data plans for...
What's the source link for the two maps? The captions appear to compare two different things and reversing the color used for each carrier: First map shows tab clicked for "4G" coverage Second First map shows tab clicked for "LTE". Or was the AI editor attempting to say "....here is a comparison of at&t and Verizon coverage for both 4G and LTE. On both maps, Verizon is shown in blue and at&t is shown in red."
New Posts  All Forums: