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And yet AT&T claims the initial justification for purchase of T-Mobile was AT&T's shortage of spectrum space
The Boston Group posted a research report yesterday that identified the cost delta between manufacturing in the USA and China. Increases in fuel and international shipping plus the rise in Chinese labor rates coupled with the greater productivity of US workers has brought the cost differential in the past year to about 10% in favor of China. The cost Delta used to be over 25%. That back then made it an automatic build in China. Boston group said that by 2015 they...
Straight A+ and top 4%
Translation: AT&T execs are unable to plan adequately for growth and want to limit CAPEX dollars year after year so that each executive fiefdom meets it's goals and they qualify for bonuses. So instead of investing well and planning their company's future, the execs are in a mad scramble to get spectrum already built out. Ooops, that fell through. Quick, let's watch the AT&T execs now go and charge more because their "customers using too much data" The single...
+1The (F)lash gets in the way of absorbing the content
+1 We are running an entire medical practice on the iPad with native apps. And all the PCEEEE vendors trying to peddle Ctrix access as their catch-up -- well, our view is mostly unprintable in polite company. (Even for here)
+1 After multiple attempts by others to stumble around the subject in this thread, someone gets it right.
Letting rival carriers roam on it's network. That's a good start. The US practice of discrete freq blocks unique to each carrier is horrible for fostering competition.
They better hurry up with some good Mac support (including mobility access via iPad/iPhone) 'cause I'm also considering moving my merchant account business away from them.
You're simply hanging out with a more sophisticated group of consumers.
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