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+1 After multiple attempts by others to stumble around the subject in this thread, someone gets it right.
Letting rival carriers roam on it's network. That's a good start. The US practice of discrete freq blocks unique to each carrier is horrible for fostering competition.
They better hurry up with some good Mac support (including mobility access via iPad/iPhone) 'cause I'm also considering moving my merchant account business away from them.
You're simply hanging out with a more sophisticated group of consumers.
Dad says "TV off until 6pm tomorrow. Goodnight". $99 Children groan, and stumble off to bed. .....Priceless
The local OTA broadcasters all run successful ad sales programs, and the FCC "must carry" rules are the trade cable/phone companies make in exchange for their franchise monopoly on last mile delivery. So....... That's not really the nut that needs to be cracked. The big issue is price of unbundled content when the content is " less than compelling" for a large part of the population. That's what is really bothering the content creators.
The amount of energy expended to move the 6 pound laptop across town is greater. (and thus more objectionable to the employee. However the two objects still weigh 6 and 40 pounds respectively. It's the end user experience that varies.Unless of course it's a Windows machine, which automatically gains weight from all crap loaded by apps and viruses. /s
It doesn't look like they are.
No, Apple already bought NeXT
However I DO VERY MUCH LIKE the 48 hour viewing window for youtube rentals. The iTunes 24 hour window is too short for families with a busy life -- difficult for those who return mid-movie to watch the rest of it inside the rental cycle. That fact alone has cut into the number of rentals we do from iTunes. That's too bad, because otherwise I really like the iTunes selection. Off to Netflix I go for another almost new...
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