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I dunno... It's kinda nice to have a colony nearby. Although in a few more years, a summer home in Cuba would be nice too. We even have a base ready to expand and deliver even more useful services there (coastal patrols, customs and who knows what else). jk
Why ? As long as AT&T is your US carrier, you can pop a new SIM card from AT&T in your unlocked phone just fine. No discounts (yet), but you may find them willing to suspend svc on the SIM if you are gone overseas for more than a month. After all, you represent an almost completely free revenue stream for AT&T.Or did you mean you have X number of months remaining on your subsidized phone?Actually the biggest difficulty for the USA is the FCC practice of allowing...
Yes you are. The cost of all these units is the unsubsidized price, which is then discounted by a multi-hundred dollar subsidy from the carrier. That's why you see a 199 or $299 price point in the stores, with phones locked to a particular carrier. You are walking around with several hundred dollars of the carrier's money in your pocket when you buy one. That's also why your sales tax on the unit is NOT based on the $199 or $299 price, but on the higher unsubsidized...
It's for the monthly service on the SIM card, not the unlocked hardware which you already own outright
Problem solved. After 14 months: 5 Audio quality is superb in all cases (send and recieve) 4 It's got a cord 3 No mute button on the cord (oh, well it's worth the clarity tradeoff) 5 Extended battery life on my iPhone (no power used for bluetooth transmitter) I've found that theBoom is the best (for me). Wired, so no bluetooth loss due to second radio link (phone to mic). Most people think I'm in a quiet office when I'm really driving 65 mph (or so) on the freeway...
System Preference settings on your MBP. Under Security/General/"disable IR remote"
Siri, why is my phone peeing on my leg? "it's just a natural byproduct of your inanne questions, which have put addional load on the fuel cells."
The sun.
Teamster union rules at UPS say "done when the last package on that driver's load is delivered." That's why those folks hustle. Last pkg = go home. That's also why during the holiday season they work longer hours.
This afternoon is going to be very interesting as people get home and unwrap their new 4S. (unless there are instructions to the contrary) My plan is to download only iOS 5. Then after the sw pkg is validated, as a second step, I'll then upgrade her existing handset to iOS 5 first. Then backup the existing handset via a wired sync, and then upgrade the software on the existing handset. Only then do I plan to activate the new 4S. Mixing "activation" and "data...
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