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It's for the monthly service on the SIM card, not the unlocked hardware which you already own outright
Problem solved. After 14 months: 5 Audio quality is superb in all cases (send and recieve) 4 It's got a cord 3 No mute button on the cord (oh, well it's worth the clarity tradeoff) 5 Extended battery life on my iPhone (no power used for bluetooth transmitter) I've found that theBoom is the best (for me). Wired, so no bluetooth loss due to second radio link (phone to mic). Most people think I'm in a quiet office when I'm really driving 65 mph (or so) on the freeway...
System Preference settings on your MBP. Under Security/General/"disable IR remote"
Siri, why is my phone peeing on my leg? "it's just a natural byproduct of your inanne questions, which have put addional load on the fuel cells."
The sun.
Teamster union rules at UPS say "done when the last package on that driver's load is delivered." That's why those folks hustle. Last pkg = go home. That's also why during the holiday season they work longer hours.
This afternoon is going to be very interesting as people get home and unwrap their new 4S. (unless there are instructions to the contrary) My plan is to download only iOS 5. Then after the sw pkg is validated, as a second step, I'll then upgrade her existing handset to iOS 5 first. Then backup the existing handset via a wired sync, and then upgrade the software on the existing handset. Only then do I plan to activate the new 4S. Mixing "activation" and "data...
So, the kids used my iTunes account in the early days to buy music for their iMacs. Does that mean that if I turn on iCloud and Photo Stream that the slightly risque photos from my fiance will be cross-posted to both MY iPhone and Mac -- plus the kids phones & Macs. (I said slightly r...) Yeah, I know. But this is a real question and it's the reason that iCloud is still turned OFF on all of our iPhone 4 handsets.
NetFlix buys all the DVDs outright. Copyright law says NetFlix can loan/rent those original disc out however and as many times as they want. The royalty fees are included in the purchase price of each DVD forever. Streaming in the other hand is a "whoa buddy" discussion w the studios -- must be negotiated. Then re-negotiated. Then....
It would be really interesting if Sprint could arrange their CDMA access alongside a US "roaming" GSM SIM card that would activate in poor CDMA coverage areas. However, there's a few blocks to a creative idea like that -- execs at AT&T and maybe some egos at Sprint. AT&T could always use the revenue (sarcasm)
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