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Does anyone know the details of this "Find Family & Friends" feature -- can a parent turn this function on when giving any iOS 5 based iphone to a teenager AND lock the feature on so that the kids are unable to turn it off? Does it function on all 3GS, 4 and 4S model iPhones runing iOS5? This is a big feature for parents who's kids spend part of the time with an ex-spouse.
It's probably better to avoid posting drivel when you don't know what you are talking about.
as a person who doesn't want to carry around a spare car/motorcycle battery to power LTE use for an entire workday, have to say I'm thrilled.
At last, a carrier thinking outside their comfort zone. Nice marketing move.
If the projector mfgs were really smart, they would contract with Apple to include AirPlay in the projectors. After all, my Denon receever at home ALREADY does have airplay built in. Sweet !!!!!
Firefighters, police and paramedics all with 4G cell phones pressed to their ears, downloading Android medical apps that are trojans (to provide "protection") -- or googling "how to" because their training budgets were cut as part of poorly planned government downsizing...Actually, many ambulances do used cellular uplinks (gear in the ambulance) but nobody's been rushing to the speaker podium claiming those were too slow today.Verizon: "Wait, let me grab something out of...
Typical cellular lag is often 150- 300 ms, which is noticable, and I've seen 1300 ms on a couple of tests. BTW, 1300 ms is expressed as "Hey, where the f@@@ did it go? (reload)"
The other issue is going to be joint or family use of the same iTunes account tied to Dad or Mom's credit card. Where does the risqué photo snapped by one almost-launched adult (say middle of college) offspring get synced via iCloud? Just to that almost-launched offsprings laptop? OR, also to Mom, Dad and three siblings computers as well? Just askin'.......
There is more than one likely reason for the event invitation to have the red numeral "1" on the page. It may just as easily imply that scenario that "Apple placed a phone call... which you missed" and so here's your written invitation to back up the missed call.
Another analyst who doesn't have a real clue about marketing and how products really fill consumer needs. See my comment in the other thread about company's being willing to eat into their own existing market positions in order to introduce new products. The reality is that the Kindle Fire will serve to block adoption of some significant number of new iPads at the lower price points, and then with the purchase of non-apple apps continue to be a roadblock to adoption of...
New Posts  All Forums: