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Clearly these inhouse apps do seem to run just fine on 1st gen products, but apple is forcing you to purchase a new device to be able to use these $5 apps on. My 1st ipad was just one year old and the ipad 2 made it feel completely outdated because of these apps. I do hope they do not eliminate PC's. I like to have my PC for at least 3-4 years, and even then I can run all apps just fine on it. My ipad wont last more than one generation.
I do hope people know before they purchase the original iPad that apple won't be supporting it for very much longer. It may get iOS 6 and one update if that. It already doesn't support apples iPhoto. You know the company that made the device and the app on a device that was still being sold 1yr ago. If the specs are that low, apple should be put additional ram in all their devices to give it that extra bit of life OR improve the coding to make it work, it can be...
I agree, China has blatantly copied/produced/sold products for some time. So why should they get the upper hand. The Chinese government isnt clamping down on counterfeit items it seems here in Shanghai. My Chinese co-workers call themselves a 'nation of photocopiers'. Across the street I see a Toyota Surf, looks identical including the bull bar, But made by a local car maker that I cant figure out as it looks like the Infinity logo branded 'Safe' (Big letters along both...
Office on my ipad finally! Cannot wait for this. I hope it offers a decent way to manage files on the ipad with the upcoming osx app. This pretty much sums up what I really wanted from an ipad. Everything else is there.
This is one step to solving the problem. Next would be to release 4s all withing a short time frame of each other in all territories. Apple just needs to work out a how to supply xx units in this demanding market with little shortage. ... Or just make a ifail iPhone and the problem is solved
Makes sense, Japan has been selling selected japanese branded models without a camera also since 2006 I can remember, perhaps even longer. Several company's prohibit you to bring a mobile phone into certain areas to keep company data/r&d under wraps. When you enter some embassies around Tokyo require you to place your phone and any digital camera equipment into a locker. I can see this as a big thing for many organizations.
Now that I'm half way between my transition to Premiere from FCP7, I think my next laptop may be a Samsung. I'll keep my MBP with FCP for those times I want to work on a task I'm familiar with in FCP. I'm really after a unit that suports USB3, good quality screen. I'm loving this competition as a consumer, more choices for me when the time comes to make a purchase
and all the best to the scalpers, if money can be made, go for it. You never jump at any occasion to make some coin on the side?If you only lived here. If I dont push into lines/trains/entrances/buses here, I'll never get anywhere and just be walked on. Its everyman for himself. only civilized places are some western restaurants, my office building and my apartment.
I'm constently getting this error which is really ticking me off. I've done what I can without deleting my library and starting fresh.
Just got off a local flight here in China and found this ad on the headrest. Looks like Unicom wont be the only player anymore in 2012
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