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Apple has officially Jumped the Shark.
If Apple did indeed remove the home button, it would essentially be blatantly ripping off Android 3.0's new feature of no physical navigation buttons and all done on-screen. Yet another attempt of Apple in trying to catch up to the competition.
Highest number of dropped calls. The worst nationwide 3g coverage. Yeah, nobody ever mentions that.
Rumor has it that Verizon will charge a $15/month surcharge for the iPhone 4 versus other phones.
Which is it? Is Verizon's network better, or is it AT&T? Or is it whatever Steve Jobs says it is?
After years of praising the merits of AT&T's network, the FASTEST in the country, which allows simultaneous data and voice use, Apple fanboys everywhere will be confused. Do they still say that AT&T is better than Verizon or do they get sucked in by the RDF telling them that Verizon is better. Or was it RDF which sucked them into thinking AT&T was the best? Whichever one it is, one thing will be sure: fanboys will be praising the move just like they did once Apple...
iPhone is actually 4 different phones. iOS is actually 9 different devices.
Neither is the iPhone 4, but that didn't stop anyone. Ba-zing!
"Android-like fragmentation"? What is the author smoking to come up with yarn? There is no evidence at all to suggest such a thing. There is a single Chrome notebook model at this point! Does the author understand that Chrome is distinctly different from Android? That two stores can coexist because one is for the web on laptops and one is for smartphones? Sheesh!
One word: fragmentation.
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