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Wow, they're just desperate now.
Next year's winner... "The Dork"
Maybe now they'll remember that rumors are rumors.
Apple obviously has an interest in this: its chief rival's business is invading others' privacy. But it's still encouraging.
Has to be in preparation for the Thunderbolt+Lion-loaded MacBook Air.
No, the App Store is the number one store for computer software, even though it only runs on Macs. More people buy from the Store than from Best Buy or Amazon, period. Much more impressive. (At least, that's what Jobs said.)
Dead in the water, indeed.
The Daily has finally been seen as a failure. A great day for the iPad, and for software in general.
It was kind of obvious, wasn't it? They're releasing the unfinished developer betas through the Store, and phasing out boxed software. Anyway, it'll be awesome to get the new OS with just a few clicks and have it install automatically!
This is a false rumor perpetuated by the fanbois! The evil of closed iOS will never prevail! It's already been beaten by the unstoppable power of Android!!! Jk.
New Posts  All Forums: