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  I'll speak for myself.     1.  A decent profit margin means that Apple continues to innovate and come up with an iPad or whatever that is even better, in ways I won't pretend to predict.  Dell and HP get 5% profit margins.  The last thing I, as an Apple customer, would want to see is cheap MacBooks and iPads in the short term if I was sentenced to buy products at Dell levels of quality over the long term.     2.  Most of the hardware Google shoots out is cheap crap...
  Best line of the entire article.  
  The 14th Amendment guarantees "equal protection of the laws."  Look it up.  
  Whether Cook is gay or not is nothing more than tawdry gossip.  It is pretty poor form for a rag like Gawker to out him when he clearly does not want that part of his life in the public spotlight, IMO.  And other companies, including Google and Microsoft, have come out in favor of gay rights without having (supposedly) gay CEOs.  
Absolutely shocking a Google exec would be caught lying on the stand.   /s
  1.  Because it shows that the Samsung PR people are dumb fucks.  2.  Because its further evidence that much of the crap put out by the analysts, bloggers, and celebrities of the world is bought and paid for.  3.  Because it's freaking hilarious. 
    I agree with the strategy but the word "cheapskates" irks me.  Poor people aren't cheap by choice, which is implied with the word you used.       I doubt Jobs made a "vow" as phrased by the article.  But it did take some convincing for Jobs to accept the need for a different sized iPad at all.  I believe e-mails from Eddie Cue have surfaced that showed Jobs was "receptive" to that idea - eventually.  Jobs also strongly opposed the iPod on Windows and wasn't keen on...
  I don't think your #4 is correct, or at least not a full picture.  I think we saw in the 90s that greed and short-sightedness can make a company do bad things for their users that seem to benefit the company's bottom line.  Maybe that happened here, maybe it didn't.  But I can imagine a world in which Google manipulates its search results to help Android and/or hurt Apple.     Since the article and Google's statement implies Apple is to blame for some of these issues,...
  But the S4 - and S3 for that matter - weigh more than the iPhone 5.  And since when is plastic more "durable" than aluminum?  Didn't you see all the drop tests when the 5 came out?     http://www.tuaw.com/2012/09/21/iphone-5-vs-samsung-galaxy-s3-drop-test/   And all the "moaning/naysaying" about Samsung?  Are you living in the same world as I am?  Have you seen the complete BS about Apple trotted out by "reputable" sources like WSJ and Forbes lately?    I'll give you...
I didn't talk about where WebKit came from.  I talked about Apple's "contribution" to WebKit, which Google then used to build Chrome.
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